One more week til school… I have so many things to do today. Not surprisingly, none of them are all that interesting. My whole family (except my dad) has dentist appointments this afternoon, and my mom insists that everyone stay until the last person gets out. Oh, well, I guess I’ll get lots of reading done, then. We have to go to the library after that. (That part’s not so bad, really.) Then to Wal-Mart for some more school shopping. We start next week. I am so not ready. I had to change schools because we moved, so now I have to do the whole making-friends-meeting-people-dealing-with-new-teachers thing all over again. :P

Also, I start driving school tonight. That should be interesting, at least. My mom’s been randomly asking me what all the signs and things mean, and so far I’ve gotten them all right. It’s the actual driving skills part that needs honing, seeing as I don’t have any. Driving skills, I mean. Update tomorrow. Wish me luck. =)

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