Oodles to say today… I just got home from driving school. The evening class meets from 6-9 PM. This is the first time today I’ve been able to get to the computer, so pardon any mild mistakes. I’m tired. Driving school is okay. We didn’t really get into much yesterday, but you could tell the atmosphere had changed in just one day. When we took a break yesterday, the room was pretty much silent. Today, we talked and joked and laughed — it was like we’d started to trust each other and get to know everyone. I like that. I hope I find that atmosphere quickly when school starts next week. It also helped that we had to figure out what a bunch of symbols meant. We’re all like, “What does that say?” and “Oh, that’s the thing that you plug your cell phone into and your lighter and stuff.” Fortunately, descriptions of the object in question (instead of actual names) counted. :)

My around-the-corner neighbors asked me to baby-sit for their granddaughter, Precious. Honestly, I’m starting to doubt the meaningfulness of the child’s name. She never stops talking!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much to one person in the same day. I said good morning, while still drowsy, at 9 this morning, and there were few lapses in the conversation until I left at 4:30. Then, I came home, took a power nap, ate, finished my driving school homework, and rushed off to class. (I got there with about 4 minutes to spare.) And I have to do it again tomorrow. Except I have to be there at 6:00. I think. (Damn – I don’t remember what time I’m supposed to be there!! Pardon my mild cursing, but I have *not* had an easy day.) (Okay, I went to check, and it is 6. *sob* That’s so early!!!! I’m barely conscious at 6 AM.) If I don’t write for a while, you’ll know I’m too exhausted.

The dentist yesterday was okay. His name was Dr. Good. I’m not kidding — that’s how he spells it and everything. Weird, no? It seems that I have a stubborn baby tooth that’s getting pushed out of the way by my permanent tooth, which is coming in crooked. Tooth x-rays are seriously creepy. Otherwise, all is good. (Well, all my teeth are good… you know what I mean.)

Okay, I guess that’s all for now. Later. =)

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