School looms near… Finished my first week of driving school. I got my learner’s permit this morning. It took forever, I swear. On the bright side, I got all the questions right on the law test. (So what if it was easy?) My dad says he’ll let me “get used to” his car tomorrow. *squeals with glee* One small step towards vehicular freedom, one giant leap towards getting away from my wacky family.

The people in my driving class are awesome. One girl actually went to kindergarten with me. I couldn’t believe she remembered me. I left for Japan in the second grade, and I hadn’t seen her since. (I know I don’t remember kindergarten. Except toys, naps, and those fat pencils. Those were the days.) Anyway, there’s these twin girls, Ashley and Samantha. Ashley reminds me more of myself. Sam reminds me of my friend Vince — very into punk rock, but really smart and generally a great person. We have the most interesting conversations during our breaks. Sure, I get lost when they start talking about Good Charlotte (while only ever saying the name of the band once — I was almost completely clueless.) But otherwise, it’s all good.

Last weekend before school starts. Sigh. The worst thing about having to go back to school (and making new friends and meeting people and dealing with teachers…) (see, Andra, I don’t use dash-speak all the time) is not having so much time for the Net. I love blogging, I love FictionAlley, I love fanfic in general. Hopefully, school won’t start its annual choke-hold on me too soon. TTFN. =)

ETA: Are the columns still screwed up? They look a little narrower than before, but I can’t tell any more.

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