Holy… We’re having a thunderstorm here. Not much rain (as far as I can tell), but the thunder’s picking up. I was looking at some pics from HP and the Chamber of Secrets on The Leaky Cauldron (link on left) that I’ve never seen before, and just as I was reading one of the pics (where it says, “Enemies of the heir…beware”), and there was this massive thunderclap. I was scared out of my mind. Was it really just a coincidence? I hope so. 8{ (wide-eyed scared face)

ETA: I just came across a screenshot of Aragog. *whimpers in fear* Why? Why must there be a gigantic talking spider in a movie I’m determined to see? It’s like the time I accidentally watched part of Arachnophobia. I still get the willies over that one. 8{

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