Sucks to be me. Damn. That pretty much sums up my feelings right now. I wish I could have written this in a good mood, but fate hates me. Apparently, I had too much good karma going on to have things go the way I wanted them to.

Today was the last driving school test before the final. The MVA rules say that if you pass all eight tests, you don’t have to take the final. I passed the first seven pretty easily. It was tonight’s test that killed me. You can miss 4 questions and still pass. I missed 5. One question. One freakin’ question. That was what did it. I was so hoping I wouldn’t have to take the final, cause tomorrow’s my birthday, and I thought that would be a nice way to start the evening. But no. I just had too many good things happen, and the one bad thing had to be that.

I should have known. I shouldn’t have been surprised and angry, like I am now. We correct our tests in class, and the paper I was checking only had one wrong. When I went to mark it wrong, my pen died. I think that might have been a sign — that that test was going to kill me. Creepier still, the question I was marking wrong was the last question I missed on the test — the one that screwed me over. Damn. I had a whole strategy going. I call it the Millionare Strategy. Something I picked up from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, back when I still watched it. The rule is: When an answer seems right, stick with it. Don’t second-guess yourself. Don’t change your first instinct unless you have a really good reason. I did. Damn! The same way something told me to change an answer (to the correct one) last night, something told me tonight to change my answers. I wish I’d ignored that stupid voice. As far as I’m concerned, Inner Voice Linz can leave now and never come back. I hate it when I have to learn lessons the hard way. It sucks. It makes life suck. And it makes me really depressed and angry. But I feel better now that I’ve vented and had some chocolate. (Raises your seratonin levels. Makes you happier, chocolate does.) But, seeing as fate isn’t totally unfair, I should do okay on the final tomorrow. It’ll be depressing to see all the people leave who don’t have to take it, but I’ll manage. Wish me luck.

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