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Oodles to say today… I just got home from driving school. The evening class meets from 6-9 PM. This is the first time today I’ve been able to get to the computer, so pardon any mild mistakes. I’m tired. Driving school is okay. We didn’t really get into much yesterday, but you could tell the atmosphere had changed in just one day. When we took a break yesterday, the room was pretty much silent. Today, we talked and joked and laughed — it was like we’d started to trust each other and get to know everyone. I like that. I hope I find that atmosphere quickly when school starts next week. It also helped that we had to figure out what a bunch of symbols meant. We’re all like, “What does that say?” and “Oh, that’s the thing that you plug your cell phone into and your lighter and stuff.” Fortunately, descriptions of the object in question (instead of actual names) counted. :)

My around-the-corner neighbors asked me to baby-sit for their granddaughter, Precious. Honestly, I’m starting to doubt the meaningfulness of the child’s name. She never stops talking!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much to one person in the same day. I said good morning, while still drowsy, at 9 this morning, and there were few lapses in the conversation until I left at 4:30. Then, I came home, took a power nap, ate, finished my driving school homework, and rushed off to class. (I got there with about 4 minutes to spare.) And I have to do it again tomorrow. Except I have to be there at 6:00. I think. (Damn – I don’t remember what time I’m supposed to be there!! Pardon my mild cursing, but I have *not* had an easy day.) (Okay, I went to check, and it is 6. *sob* That’s so early!!!! I’m barely conscious at 6 AM.) If I don’t write for a while, you’ll know I’m too exhausted.

The dentist yesterday was okay. His name was Dr. Good. I’m not kidding — that’s how he spells it and everything. Weird, no? It seems that I have a stubborn baby tooth that’s getting pushed out of the way by my permanent tooth, which is coming in crooked. Tooth x-rays are seriously creepy. Otherwise, all is good. (Well, all my teeth are good… you know what I mean.)

Okay, I guess that’s all for now. Later. =)


One more week til school… I have so many things to do today. Not surprisingly, none of them are all that interesting. My whole family (except my dad) has dentist appointments this afternoon, and my mom insists that everyone stay until the last person gets out. Oh, well, I guess I’ll get lots of reading done, then. We have to go to the library after that. (That part’s not so bad, really.) Then to Wal-Mart for some more school shopping. We start next week. I am so not ready. I had to change schools because we moved, so now I have to do the whole making-friends-meeting-people-dealing-with-new-teachers thing all over again. :P

Also, I start driving school tonight. That should be interesting, at least. My mom’s been randomly asking me what all the signs and things mean, and so far I’ve gotten them all right. It’s the actual driving skills part that needs honing, seeing as I don’t have any. Driving skills, I mean. Update tomorrow. Wish me luck. =)


New music. I love the concept of remixes. Most of the time, anyway. Taking a song and making it sound different — it can get really interesting. My all-time favorite is I’m Real,Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule. So many people called that the best song of 2001, and I agree. Right now, I like Linkin Park’s In the End remix.

Yesterday, during the whole cleaning escapade, I was listening to the radio and heard Justin Timberlake’s new single. I love *NSync. I’m fine with Justin doing solo stuff, as long as he doesn’t hurt the group as a whole. (And as long as Lance comes back safe, he can go into space as many times as he wants to.) Anyway, it’s called Like I Love You. It’s got an interesting beat (produced by the Neptunes), but the words get lost under all the music. I can barely tell what he’s saying, or if it even makes any sense. The funny part is, I heard it on one radio station, and then again about 3 minutes later on a different station, which claimed it had the “exclusive.”

Dance music is not really my thing, though. It doesn’t seem to fit in on the radio. I was really surprised when I heard two songs on the radio that are acoustic versions of dance songs: Days Go By, by Dirty Vegas, and Heaven, by DJ Sammy. The girl that sings Heaven has a really pretty voice. I think I like the acoustic versions better. (I’d link to mp3 versions of all these songs, but it’s getting late, so I have to go.) TTFN.


The Good Ship R/Hr. For those of you that love Harry Potter, I highly reccommend FictionAlley. (See that link on the right?) It’s a site for fanfiction readers and writers. Anyway, I am a R/Hr shipper, meaning that I believe in a romantic relationship between HP characters Ron and Hermione. Thankfully, FA has a whole ship full of people just like me. So, why does this deserve mentioning?, you might ask. I give you our unofficial motto, from the ship psychiatrist, Liz:

Welcome to the Good Ship. Where Voldemort sings Britney Spears, EVERYTHING is more than strictly decent, trees rule, rocks don’t speak, and the psychiatrist is crazier than you are!

Interested? Good. Click here for more crazy antics on the Good Ship. (Warning: Gutter-minds are accepted, and even welcome on our ship.) =)


In the news. I found this article on the Net today that was pretty funny. Apparently, there’s a whole site full of stuff just like it. It’s called Things People Said: Chruch Bulletins, and can be found here. It’s a list of things that were actually printed in church bulletins, but with funny errors. Example: For those of you who have children and don’t know it, we offer child care during the service. :)

Now for the not so funny part. I usually read news articles that have attention-grabbing headlines, and this one defnitely did: Hangings, Stranglings, Drownings: Killer Set for Early Release. You can read it here. Apparently, this man killed over a dozen women, but because it was in the 80’s, and there were no witnesses, he was only charged with “burglary with intent to commit murder.” Anyway, he was supposed to serve 60 years, but a loophole could get him out in 2006, after only 20 years. I hate things like this. Now they’re trying to find something — anything — that could keep him in jail. Personally, I hope they do. I wouldn’t want to be attacked by a man who not only confessed to killings, but was let out of jail.

Sorry about the not-so-pleasant news. I’ll see if I can find something more lighthearted to write about later. =)


After doing a little searching of my own for some free image hosting on the web, I decided to take Jess’s advice (from Peachie Designs) (see yesterday) and sign up for BoomSpeed. There’s not a whole lot of space there, but it’s free, fast, and there’s no ads, so I’ll take what I can get. Now, to test it out.

[image deleted and lost]

For those of you that know me personally, that pic will have a special meaning. =)

ETA (edited to add): I guess it works, after all. Yay for BoomSpeed! More pics can be found at my index page, which I’m off to set up now.


Just a few things to add… Those quizzes I took a few days ago (ice cream flavor, flower, color) came from this great site, Peachie Designs. I explored a bit today, and found lots of great tips. I also found some really cute graphics, but I have yet to upload them, so I can’t show them here. Check that site out sometime. There’s other quizzes, a Neopets section (I don’t use Neopets, so I didn’t go there), and lots of HTML references.

I finished this great book the day before yesterday, Truth or Dairy, by Catherine Clark. I got this one from the library, mainly because I wanted a good book, and the cover was way too interesting to pass up. It’s another diary-style book, but I think it’s really good. I’m going to get the sequel next time. It’s about this girl named Courtney, and her everyday hijinks. (I know, not much of a description, but check out this Amazon link for more info.)

I also read The Black Book: Diary of a Teenage Stud; Vol I: Girls, Girls, Girls by Jonah Black. This was… different, but in a good way. It’s another diary book, but this one’s written by a guy, and a very interesting one at that. His name is Jonah Black, which makes it seem like the real author is either writing about his own life (probably not) or hiding behind his character. It wasn’t something I’d usually read, but it was okay. I think I’ll check out the sequel. (Here’s another Amazon link for that one.) TTFN.

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