I feel so loved right now. Really. (And annoyed, cause I lost the first version of this entry. Stupid reload button. It’s nowhere near the copy button. What’d I do?)

Makes-Lindsay-Feel-Loved Incident #1: The piano recital this morning. (10:30 AM — I *so* didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.) We took my grandma with us; it was the first time she’d heard me play. I was shaky-nervous, but I did well. She was so proud when the parents complimented me. I made my piano teacher cry. I felt so special.

Makes-Lindsay-Feel-Loved Incident #2: Mark. Ah, Mark. I can’t even explain it. I don’t think I want to. He is just… I can’t even find the words for it. I’m not quite sure what this is that I’m feeling right now, but it’s good. I like it. And I don’t want it to go away anytime soon. xD

Favorite Songs Ever … Lyrical Loves

“Breathless”, The Corrs — This song gets to me every time I hear it. [Most songs do now. They remind me of Mark. =)] And The Corrs have such beautiful voices. {And if there’s no tomorrow/ And all we have is here and now/ I’m happy just to have you/ You’re all the love I need somehow/ It’s like a dream/ Although I’m not asleep/ And I never want to wake up}

“Things I’ll Never Say”, and “Mobile”, Avril Lavigne — “Things” is everything I feel right now. {I’m tugging at my hair/ I’m pulling at my clothes/ I’m trying to keep my cool/ I know it shows/ I’m staring at my feet/ My cheeks are turning red/ I’m searching for the words inside my head/ I’m feeling nervous/ Trying to be so perfect/ Cause I know you’re worth it/ You’re worth it, yeah} “Mobile” embodies all the stress being a military brat has caused. {Everything’s changing/ When I turn around/ All out of my control/ I’m a mobile} I don’t care what that critic said, Avril will be around for a long time.

“You Set Me Free”, Michelle Branch — {Can’t you see/ There’s a feeling that’s come over me/ Close my eyes/ You’re the only one that leaves me completely breathless/ No need to wonder why/ Sometimes a gift like this you can’t deny} ::sighs::

“Unsung”, Vanessa Carlton — {I wait for the words on the tip of your tongue/ I’m only as good as the last one/ Well, you decide and I abide as my song goes unsung} ::sighs again::

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