Bleh. I have such a horrible memory. Either I forget things entirely, or they pop into my head out of nowhere. This time, it’s the latter.

Makes-Lindsay-Feel-Loved Incident #3: The HP fic that Greg and I are writing got two positive reviews. I felt so special. We make such a great team. He has all the creative ideas, and I have the mad beta skills that hold it all together. He decides who does what and when (what I like to call Plot Points), and I tweak the grammar, syntax, dialogue, and character development. Oh, and Greg makes sure all the guys sound guy-like. No ambiguous homosexuality allowed. ;)

So, I’ve mentioned The Fic how many times now with no linkage? Well, enough talk. Time for action, preferably reading. =)

Also, one more song for the list. “Hanging by a Moment”, Lifehouse I’m part of the large group of people that wonder if it’s a simple love song, or if the Christian undertones are not so ‘under’ and it’s really about God. Either way, I like it. And Jason Wade has an awesome voice. {Desperate for changing/ Starving for truth/ I’m closer to where I started/ Chasing after you/ I’m fallin’ even more in love with you/ Letting go of all I’ve held onto/ I’m standing here until you make me move/ I’m hanging by a moment here with you} =)

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