Makes-Lindsay-Feel-Loved Incident #4: Someone I actually *know* likes the fic! Squee! I appreciate the acclaim from total strangers, don’t get me wrong. It’s just something about kudos from people whose opinions you trust… That makes it all worth it. So, if you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for? Go! Read! Review! Make me feel more loved! [Oh, and I suppose Greg’s feeling pretty good, too, the brilliant Alpha that he is. =)]

Sims sent me the fourth chapter of her as-yet-untitled, unpublished fic. I feel like a certified beta now, even though my first project hasn’t been released, and the second is an omega project. Giddiness aside, Sims’ fic rocks, too. She’s as good at character developement, etc., as I am. I just polish it a little. W00t! Fanfic is *so* awesome. xD

Blech. School tomorrow. We were supposed to have the second half of a standardized test that I don’t have to take on Thursday, but the snow day cancelled it. (Man, that was a long lead-in.) I’m not sure if they’ll do it tomorrow, or if they’ll push it to later in the week, but either way, I didn’t have much work to do. And I heard there *might* be more snow next week…

Oh, and Greg? The Corrs has a guy. And Lifehouse is *all* guys, so :P. And you know that I’m going to gush about Mark whenever I feel like it. You don’t want to read it? Fine. Don’t. Your loss. [double :P]

And Mark, you *so* stole my line. *I’m* the one that corrects people’s spelling around here (btw, it’s “Pepto-Bismol”). =)

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