I’m going to keep this short, because it’s late.

Possible snow tomorrow, which will cause at least a two-hour delay, which I will *fully* appreciate. Though, as I keep pointing out, they’re going to exhaust the built-in snow days and keep us at the end of the year. It would be just like the school system to push finals into those add-on days so people would actually have to show up. Grr.

Conflicted over Mark again. I want very much to get over it, but… I just can’t. It’s hard. I’m hoping very much that my indecisiveness isn’t pushing him away. That would be a Very Bad Thing.

Having been IM’ing Greg for ages. I hadn’t realized your opinion of someone could change so rapidly, so many times, in such a short time span. I keep thinking of him as Yente. A weird Yente (if that isn’t completely redundant).

Will blog more soon, when not so sleepy and up to writing complete sentences. ::yawns::

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