You people are impossible. Really. Well, maybe not *people*, but Mark and Greg specifically. Megan was right, they make my guestbook almost as interesting as my blog. Case in point: Greg signs, and cannot resist a shallow insult aimed at Mark. Mark signs, and only addresses yours truly in the last sentence, like it’s the Leave a Note for Someone Else Book.

Oh, and one other thing: I do like correcting you. =) It’s what I do (besides laugh uncontrollably every now and then). And it’s so much fun! I almost died when I read Mark’s note. It’s “miscellaneous”, dear. And Greg? There’s definitely not an “g” in “actual”.

In case anyone was wondering, Yente is a character in the Joseph Stein play “Fiddler on the Roof”. She’s the resident old woman, and the local matchmaker. Greg is my pseudo-Yente because he’s all wrapped up in my relationship with Mark (however you wish to define it). I say if he’s tired of my issues with Mark (and boys in general, for that matter), he should stay out of it. My life is neither a soap opera nor a talk show. It’s not even all that interesting, and yet people still read what I write here. Hmm…

Nothing remarkable has happened since Wednesday, except some more minor issues with Mark. I think I’m going to have issues about him for a *long* time. Fortunately, he has issues as well, so they might possibly cancel each other out. And I met OnSomething!Mark last night, which was… enlightening. Let’s just say I’m not particularly fond of that !Mark.

Also in case you were wondering, Robert is a graduate of my school who committed suicide this week. I didn’t know him, but I know he was on the It’s Academic team, and I get the feeling he was generally a nice guy. He is missed by many.

Until next time. The guestbook entries should keep you entertained. =)

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