Ooh. Responses in my guestbook that actually have substance. I like that.

Nikaroo: I loved Germany. Lots of the German towns were lovely. I was just thinking about that Italian restaurant in Speicher, I think it was called “Pizza Roma”. Mmm — they had really good food. I only picked that place because I really did hate it. You try living with your parents and a couple of (imaginary for you) Rugrats and see if you don’t question your sanity.

Mark: Okay, so my Spanish is rusty. You knew that. No one has even spoken bad Spanish to me in years. I consider “Rhapsody in Blue” classical enough; it’s on my “Fantasia 2000” soundtrack CD. The animated sequence that went with it was awesome, too: 1920’s New York City. Very spiffy.

Sims: I don’t mind if people see me in my pajamas [American spelling =)]. I have a thing for pj’s, so most of mine match. It’s my unfortunate, intermittent stints of bedhead that matter. I like to think that if/when I accomplish something great, I will not have to die for it (see #12). But I see where you’re coming from. By the way, any word on Ch. 6?

Speaking of fics, Chapter 5 of The Fall of a Dark Lord is now officially up and beautiful. Greg amazes me sometimes with his skill at writing. It’s all there when I get it; I just fix the structure, lose most of the profanity and gore, and code it. There must be a problem with Greg’s computer, because the italics are missing in earlier chapters, but I fixed it. I wound up coding the whole thing with HTML and uploading it myself. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So read, enjoy, and don’t forget to review. (You don’t need to register to leave a review, and we appreciate the effort either way.)

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