Things I Should Do

Things I Should Do. chap. 20 physics homework. beta-read the rest of Sims’s chapter (had to run mid-Quidditch). finish my fanlistings page. study for the SAT on April 5th. write the essay for that YMCA scholarship. vacuum my bedroom floor.

Things I Actually Did. trig homework. finally figure out what to register for next year. laundry. practice piano. cut annoying long fingernails (typing is much easier now). finish (world) history assignment. eat Do-Si-Do’s (yum).

Productivity? Ha. This is all coming back to smack me in the face sometime soon. I can feel it.

So. Practice AP exam in English. Totally forgot all my SAT strategies. I got the same score as Greg. (Okay, so he was sitting next to me, but still.) I want my Emily Dickinson test and that narrative back. Rajni got sky-high scores on hers, so now I’m all antsy. The way I see it, either my narrative really sucked, or it was über-good. I’m not sure how she feels about ending a sentence with an ellipsis (like …), but I’m hooked on it. Sometimes you just can’t finish your sentences, you know? I know she’s not big on parentheses — one of the things I learned from her brutal critique of my Scarlet Letter characterization essay. English is my best subject, even though I can never remember exactly what a gerund is, so I think it’s a good thing that I’m learning how to write better. I love it when we have It’s Academic practice with Mrs. Anderson (like yesterday), and she smiles when I get a literature question right. I really have no idea where I keep all that author-novel info, though. If I did, I’d use it more often.

Saw Rajni again at lunch. I think that she and I could be really good friends. You know, if I saw her more often than “sporadically”. Nothing else monumental today. Same old frustration in Mr. Avondet’s class. Computer lab with Capati for World History. I asked him to sign my AP sheet for Adkins next year (let’s hope I don’t crack), and he was really positive. I said, “I’m considering Adkins for next year,” and he was like, “Yes, you definitely should. He’s a good teacher. I think you’ll do well in his class.” Someone has faith in me. Capati’s class is rather easy, though. I think it’s my classmates that are the problem. They’re loud, apathetic, sort of lazy sophomores. There are a few that really work, but the rest are Grade A slackers. We had more work than usual for the last chapter: the French Revolution. They complained; I just went with it. I wound up learning more than I have all year. I forgot the proper name of the Congress of Vienna in It’s Ac. yesterday, though. Eh. I try.

We’re about to start constructing models in Lifsey’s class. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but this is going to require actual work. The perfectionist in me is going to have kittens. Quoting, “rawr and a half.” Gradually whipping grossly unused muscles into submission in sixth. I am so weak. I’d laugh at me. Wait, what am I saying? I do laugh at myself. Law of Sines in trig. I’m totally getting it. I still harbor resentment toward Dr. Wheatley (Science and Tech Program founder, current coordinator at Flowers) for not putting me in Algebra II/Trig last year. A little extra homework wouldn’t have killed me. My course list is so odd-looking. I don’t even like writing it down to figure out what counts as which credit. Military brat-ism and school do not mix. The usual with Dr. J. I think I understood what he was talking about today, though. One small step towards (horrors!) the final, one giant leap towards learning in general. Yeah.

Oops, late now, must dash. Avoiding sleep fatigue is a good thing. A few song lyrics that stuck out on the radio today that I wanted to share, both from songs I’ve heard a zillion times: “How bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out?” Alanis Morrisette, “Thank You”. “Man, it’s a hot one. Like seven inches from the midday sun.” Santana feat. Rob Thomas, “Smooth” “One mouth to every answer, your skin like porcelain, one pair of candy lips and your bubblegum tongue.” John Mayer, “Your Body is a Wonderland” Goodnight.

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