The United States is at war with Iraq

Well. As of 8:00 tonight, the United States is at war with Iraq. War is the horrific result of international (in this case, used to mean between nations) tension that can’t be resolved through simple diplomacy. I remember last year, in my government class, we saw a graph of the proposed 2002 budget. An alarmingly huge amount of the money was slated for missile defense system development, defense spending, and the like. Very little was set aside for diplomatic affairs. I’ll admit that one of my first reactions was pleased. My dad is active duty Air Force, and a defense spending increase means he could get a raise. (There’s no other way military members get raises.) Then, as we did the warm-up activity that went with the graph, I started to think some more. One of the questions asked us to reorganize the budget to something we agreed with. I moved a large chuck of the defense dollars to diplomacy. My rationale? If we can work things out with other countries peacefully and quietly, then everyone will save time, money, effort, and maybe even their lives.

It’s so weird to have this thought back again, the thought that I’m witnessing history. Like I was telling Megan, Stephanie, Choi, and Shannon on the bus the other day, I can already see the passage in the history books: On September 11, 2001, members of the radical Afghan terrorist group al-Qaeda attacked the United States as a terrorist maneuver. A year and a half later, U.S. presence in the Middle East and heightened tensions between the world power and its enemies led to World War III. You can almost picture our grandchildren asking us about it years from now. Where we were on September 11 (in school), what we thought about Afghanistan and Iraq, what it was (will be) like.

That’s part of the reason I’m writing this now, the reason I’ve been keeping journals and diaries steadily since the fifth grade. Everyone changes so much as they grow older. I don’t want to forget what I’m like now. I want to remember my thoughts, my feelings, the insignificant day-to-day things. I opened my last diary a few weeks ago. The things I wrote when I was eleven embarrass me so much now. Reading about it helps me remember, though. My first crushes, my first impressions of high school, the mini-revelations I had about life; it’s all right there, in my gradually-changing handwriting. I get to visit my middle school self again. Some things are just too priceless for words.

So. On to the far less dramatic and interesting. Saturday: SAT seminar/workshop at Flowers. It was pretty interesting. It felt so weird, going back there after being away for so long. I actually saw some of my old… acquaintances. (I can’t call them friends. I didn’t really have friends at Flowers. That was part of why I was so miserable that year. The building is beautiful, but that’s where the positive factors end.) I’m taking the SAT (for the first time) on April 5. Dude. I am so ready for this. I rock at standardized tests. (PSAT 1230 combined, 75 writing. Yeah, baby!) ::breathes out:: Still, I could use some extra work. Must study between now and then.

Sunday: Maryland Invitational High School Tournament, part II. Back to the U of MD: College Park. I was on the A team again, with Mark, Ian, and Brian (who takes piano lessons from my teacher; he’s a “military brat”, too, and a senior). Greg was on the B team. A went 6-4, B went 5-5. Better than the winter tournament. Mr. T said he was pleased and impressed. Yay for Nerds Anonymous!!! Mom took me this time, and was extremely bored, despite the trivia and her Danielle Steel book. They still don’t know about Greg (I think), so we were very covert. (It was almost more fun that way.) I played at my normal level, though I did accidentally give away two (!!!) answers. It’s like, I buzzed in at the exact same time the other team did, but didn’t notice that they got in first, and I answered anyway. Major oops factor. The killer is that I did it not once, but twice. Sigh. Must work on that. I had great fun, though. Trivia rocks.

Monday: St. Patrick’s Day. School was the usual. Vicki (Ian’s sister, freshman) was all dressed up in celebration, ’cause she’s Irish. She had on fishnets, a leather skirt and boots, a green vest, and this huge green foam hat. What can I say, the girl likes attention. Yesterday was the same, as far as I can remember.

In closing, random musings. Angel was really good tonight. I think I missed an episode, though. Darn. Oh, well, reruns. I’m looking for something to do this summer, but it’s a bit harder ’cause I’m not so sure about what I want to do now. The weather teased us with two days of warmth, and now the cold air and rain are back. Boo. Finished another book, Alice on the Outside, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. I read all the Alice books up to Achingly Alice, and then lost track. I’m getting back into them, though. It was good, by the way. Greg stole it during first period on Monday, and started reading it just to spite me, but then he got interested. I mean, Greg? Reading a girlie book? Not a good idea. Still working on web page. The glory of getting the technical aspects right has worn off, though. And now I have free reign to join half a zillion fanlistings. W00t. Oops, getting late, and I’m tired of dozing off occasionally. It’s highly annoying when you’ve got a physics to study and do homework problems for. Ciao for now.

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