My gym teacher was out yesterday, so the Aarons sent us out on the track again. We have two student aides in sixth period, and both of them are named Aaron. Kinda handy, when you think about it: if you need a spotter, you just yell “Aaron!” and one of them will come. We have to do three laps when we go out, but I did four, just to finish the mile. I alternated walking and jogging — slow progress, I know, but still. It was really hot. Hard to believe that it snowed on Sunday, and now it’s in the high seventies.

Dr. J threatened us yesterday with another quiz, but we were just quiet enough to avoid it. First period got a pop test. Dang. I feel sorry for Rajni and Sarah and Hope (and any other people who are stuck in that class with so many loudmouths and slackers). First period classes are always at a disadvantage, because they always have assemblies and testing and whatnot that takes up first-period class time. That’s how my English class gets so behind. This school is so routine. Whenever we have fire drills, they’re always toward the end of seventh period, and we always get dismissed straight to eighth afterwards. What kind of sense is that? None. To be honest, I don’t even know where to go if we had a fire drill during any other class. Or lunch! Common sense says that we’d just go out the doors there and into the parking lots, but this is Oxon Hill. Common sense is optional.

I glued all my walls together last night (… for the model…), and managed not to strangle the Rugrats. Accomplishment is a Very Good Thing. I just need to cut out the floor and a few more pieces of the crawl space, and I’ll be done. Twenty minutes, tops. Which should give me a little time to practice piano; I’ve had zero spare time because of my model. It makes me feel bad when I remember all those compliments from my teacher about being a role model and such. Role models practice. Lindsay has not practiced since… last Friday. Grr. Sometimes I want to quit, but then I remember how much I love it. I just never have time to practice like I used to.

This morning, Mrs. Anderson offered me one of the 10 Real SATs books to practice with for a few days. I never thought about borrowing one. I could use a quick math catch-up. See, last year, I had tons of math prep, and this year Mrs. Anderson worked with us on the verbal section. I was looking up my scores from last year’s PSAT and comparing it to today’s, and I realized i horror that my writing skills score actually went down! Sure, it was 75 to 70 (out of 80), but still! I thought I was getting better! ::begins to panic:: At this rate, my SAT score will be, like, just over 1000!!!!!!! (PSAT’s were 1140, 1230 this year.) Ack!!! (Stole that almost-word from Cathy.)

In other news, It’s Ac today. It’s Mr. T’s birthday, too. I jokingly suggested to Greg that we put candles in the pizza, and he took me seriously. It’s the big 4-0, so we must celebrate Mr. T’s official entry into old-ness. ;) He’s a pretty nice guy. I don’t have his class (bio-organic chemistry), so I don’t see him often, but what I’ve seen is pretty good for a teacher. And he’s very proud of the team. Yay us.

Okay. I have history to read, and there’s a report to go with that robot that I totally forgot to work on this week, and I just discovered another nifty SAT prep site, so I’m out. Ciao.

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