Yesterday was the Research Practicum Symposium. Most of my third period class was gone, since they’re all seniors. Mark did show up briefly, though. He’s a mean Tetris player. I, of course, suck, seeing as I haven’t played it since the time I tried it out on someone’s Gameboy back in Japan. And that was when Gameboys were still big and gray.

My science class is eighth, so they sent us to the Symposium during sixth period, before they “dismantled” the projects. I wasn’t complaining; I got to skip gym class, and I don’t have any make-up laps to “run” since I’ve been doing extras all along. (I don’t actually run. I alternate walking and jogging by lap.) It was, in a nutshell, noisy, hot, crowded, and a big waste of time. We had worksheets to fill out where we were supposed to “interview” one of the seniors. So, since Mark was right next to the door, I started there. V. fun, especially since Greg showed up right after I sat down. I don’t completely understand Mark’s project, though, probably because I don’t understand computer programming at all. (Do HTML and CSS count as programming languages? I don’t think so…) After I finished with Mark (and everyone quit playing with my hair), I moved on. I saw a bunch of seniors from my classes, and “interviewed” Will and some other guy near him.

The saddest part was this broken chair. They had folding chairs all over the place, but one in particular was totally broken. As soon as someone sat on it, it caved in and fell to the floor. So, naturally, the seniors in that aisle decided to kill time by tricking people into sitting in that chair. They almost got me, but Will warned me, so I was properly suspicious. Even sadder: on the back of someone’s poster, they had a tally of how many people had been tricked. There were at least twenty markings.

And these are tomorrow’s adults. Lord. The world is not ready.

This morning, Mrs. Anderson returned the first of the essays from the practice AP exam. I got a 5, which seems about right, since I wasn’t at all confident about what I was saying. If I manage to get two more 5’s, my total score will be a 3 (out of 5), which would count as college credit at most universities. I just hope the questions aren’t as… bad as the ones from the practice test. I didn’t understand the questions enough to write a 7 essay (which is about my average). The practice essays she gave us to do over Spring Break were much easier to work with. She read mine today after school, and she thought they were much better. That boosted my confidence a teeny bit. Those are the questions from a real AP test from the mid-90’s, too. We only had to write the first paragraph of each essay, but I think that if I’d kept going, I could have come up with a decent essay.

The test is Tuesday. I am nervous beyond words. English has always been my forte, so it never crossed my mind that maybe I shouldn’t take the AP test. No turning back now. I just have to relax, and concentrate, and have some freakin’ insight. Yeah. Wish me luck. (And if you’re taking it, too, good luck to you as well.)

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