I got to school this morning before Greg did. That was odd, but I think the bus was just a few minutes early. He times his departure from home (right next to the school) so that he gets there just as my bus arrives.

We went to take the Physics final this morning. Dr. J must have been tired of people wandering into his classroom, ’cause he was guarding the door and only letting in people with passes. (Mrs. Anderson wrote one for me and Greg, so we had no problem getting in.) Dr. J set us up in the back room. That test was excrutiating. I looked over my notes last night, but I didn’t get to the last 15 problems or so, so I got a little lost toward the end. Greg finished way before I did. That makes me worry. I figure, he doesn’t worry about himself, so I do it for him. I think his mom and I have got all the worrying covered.

After I finished my test, we found Mrs. Anderson in the computer lab, went to lunch, then went back to the lab. We were supposed to be working on our analysis papers, but I got sidetracked. My History paper is due first, so I worked on that a little. I think I might have enough information to finish it without much more research. Yay. I took a break to check my email, and never really got back to work. Mrs. Anderson sneaked up behind me and nearly scared me out of my skin. All that free computer time in Lifsey’s class has made me complacent. I forget that teachers walk around to see if we’re “on task”.

Another useless day in math class. I had great conversation with my classmates, though. I’m more social when I’m not doing school-related stuff. During school, I’m like, “Leave me alone! I’m trying to work!” That’s Uptight!Lindsay. I don’t like her. But I was SlightlyMoreMellow!Lindsay today. We watched The Fast and the Furious. So now I have two unfinished movies in my head. Great.

Eighth period, back to Dr. J. There were many people there, as usual. He seemed to be less of a Hall Pass Nazi at that point. Greg and I sat and talked, same as usual. I’ve spent so much time with him this week. It’s lovely. He’s feeling sick, though. I hope he feels better; he’s supposed to work all day Saturday.

Dad picked me up after school, so I didn’t have to waste time riding the bus. I was supposed to spend the extra time getting dressed for the National Honor Society Induction, but somehow it disappeared. I was still the last one ready, so I had to listen to another of my mom’s critical rants about how “no one takes that long to get ready” and “I came home from work and took a shower and I’m still ready before you.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try not to take so long. Really. I used to spend half an hour in the shower in the morning. I don’t know how to do things faster. It’s just not gonna happen.

The induction itself was a bit awkward and time-wasting. We started late (I think), not all the inductees were there, the program was out of order, some of the girls forgot their “escorts” to the stage. My parents were surprised at the disorganization. I was surprised that they were surprised. I mean, my mom went to my school. It was starting to fall apart (literally and figuratively) then. I think that we need a new school. A new school spawns a new attitude (which I know from my time at Flowers), and we could definitely use a new attitude. We could stand to get rid of the ghetto students, but that’s not gonna happen, so I’ll take what I can get.

My grandma showed up at the ceremony. No one told me she was going. Not that I didn’t want to see her, but still. And she got to meet Mrs. Anderson and Dr. J. Ms. Sim and Mrs. Anderson asked me where Greg was. They seemed so surprised that he wasn’t “there to support me”. Quite amusing. I mean, if he could have been there, he would have. But he had to work. I get that. No big.

Came home, did my nails, got online. You know, it’s weird how a day where I did almost nothing can still take so much blog-space. You ever notice that?

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