So. I spent Sunday sitting around the house. I did some preliminary work on my English paper and read a bit of my ACT book. Yesterday was a typical end-of-the-school-year day. Laps in gym class, finishing up the quiz reading time in trig, milling about in Dr. J’s class. The bus was phenomenally late yesterday morning. It usually comes around 8:30, but I was stuck waiting until 9. Stephanie even called my cell phone to make sure she hadn’t just missed it going by early. I was tired from standing at the bus stop, my hair frizzed from the humidity, and I was late to first period, which meant no morning time with Greg. Boo.

I came home after school and got everything done as soon as possible so I could work on my paper right after Jeopardy! It was only about half-done, and I hate staying up late to finish assignments. It took nearly four hours, but I got it done. All MLA style (including the cover page, even though she didn’t specify how that had to look; I just put the MLA heading on a separate page), spell- and grammar-checked, organized, and (hopefully) A-worthy. I IM’ed Greg while I was working. He wasn’t distracting at all; I think we kept each other awake. And I reminded him to do the outline. That paper took more work than any other I’ve written. Of course, next year, there’s Adkins…

I just got emails recently from Andra, Julie, and Kat, all old friends of mine from Germany, and one from Jenn, who I knew in Japan. It feels good to keep in touch with people. Even if the emails are sporadic and never as good as being with them in person. I miss them all terribly. Friendship really does last a long time.

I finished reading The Second Summer of the Sisterhood (Ann Brashares) today. The first book was about finding yourself and challenging the unknown. This one was more about relationships, romantic and mother-daughter. I loved the second just as much as the first. This one was deeper, though. I was reading today at lunch, and I gasped and said, “He’s married!” Rajni started freaking out ’cause she hasn’t read either book and didn’t want me to spoil it for her. I pointed out that, out of context, that phrase could mean anything. Anything. I hate spoilers, anyway.

Must finish entry. Dozing off. NHS meeting in the morning. Come to think of it, there’s really not much more to say about today. I actually started this entry earlier, but I let my mind vent through my fingers and the result was too ranty for here. You can read it if you like.

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