The bus came around 9:15 this morning. That made me five minutes or so earlier to school today than I was yesterday, but still late. I hear that Ms. O’Neal is a stickler for tardiness, but she won’t be in until later in the week, and it’s honestly not my fault. It is my fault that I have to take the bus in the first place, but that’s beside the point. (To stay beside the point, when my parents and I mention the bus’s lateness, they don’t hesitate to remind me that I shouldn’t have to take the bus at all. I could have my license by now. I know that. I hate that. I truly hate it, and I don’t hate much. It does not make me feel better to have that fact pounded into my head at every available second. It makes me feel worse. Lazy. Ignorant, even, but not much.)

Hope will be leaving lunch to aide Dr. J soon, so I’ll be left with only Jarred to talk to at lunch. No offense to him, but I really don’t think that’s going to work. It just… won’t. Okay, so I don’t want to let it. But still. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to be able to handle Adkins. His class will challenge me, especially since I have this thing about forgetting dates and having a bad memory. Yeah. That’s been getting better lately. Omg, I was talking to Stephanie on the bus home, and she was trying to remember the Columbus rhyme, but she said 1782 instead of 1492. I guess the rhyme only works if you know; you can’t just pick a year ending in a two so it rhymes with “blue”.

Oh, Ms. Sim. I still feel so wronged for being put seated at the front table, but I understand that she had to do it. The class is too full. She keeps mentioning that she’s used to small classes, but the fact is that we probably won’t get any smaller, and she has to live with that. I firmly believe in giving people second chances, so I didn’t say a word about how she offended Greg and me yesterday. She didn’t do it again. Though, she did call April “relatively bright”, which I would take as an insult, and pick on Ian for being the sarcastic biting cynic that he is. Despite his unfavorable personality traits, he’s an okay guy. I can get along with him; I have to for It’s Ac, and for my own sanity. I also have that handy capability of being able to throw almost-insults right back at him. Like last year, when we met with Ms. Anderson for It’s Ac after school, we were waiting to start, and someone (maybe Greg) mentioned me being a stalker. I was like, “Well, yeah, but I don’t know where Ian lives. That makes it kinda hard.” He laughed. I find more cynical guys appreciate running into a girl that can, more or less, play the same game.

The buses left school late again today. No earlier than 4:30. Had we left on time, we might have avoided the storm entirely. We were coming down Allentown Way onto Old Branch Ave., and we noticed that it was getting really dark and windy. We panicked and put up all the windows on the bus. Just as Megan and Stephanie got off at their stop, it started pouring. I had my umbrella, so my hair and books stayed mostly dry, but my clothes were soaked. And to think, just this morning, I was telling the rugrats that “I don’t have to change clothes when I get home.” (They wear uniforms.) I hate it when things come back like that.

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