What a coincidence, that both Rajni and Jane should step away from the Internet at the same time. Jane’s absence is pretty much permanent, since I’m not a friend of hers, so I probably won’t stick around to see what she does next. It was great reading, though. I will miss Rajni. She was the last stop on my blog-hopping list, because I look forward to her entries so much, and because ‘r’ is close to the end of the alphabet. (You’d think I’d randomize that list, what with my disdain at being a ‘w’, but no.) Since she switched out of Ms. Sim’s seventh period, our acquaintance has gone back to the random meeting stage. I pass her in the hall every day, though ironically, it’s on my way to English. I did manage to become her friend (and she mine) without seeing her often last year, though.

I think I’m getting used to being tired. Yawning discreetly takes practice. It helps to be as far out of the teacher’s line of sight as possible. My workload is straining my energy reserves, but I haven’t given up yet. I won’t. It’s too soon. We’ll see how I hold up after progress reports.

A delegation of teachers from South Africa is visiting my school. I never imagined that anything so interesting would happen here. Interesting is, say, a day without any fights or near-fights. Well, maybe that’s not so much interesting as odd. Anyway, the man said he’s a math teacher in the North Province (wherever that is), and he’s just going to sit in on our class to see how we teach math in the US. I heard from Jarred that he was taking down Ms. O’Neal’s notes. I wonder if he teaches in English? He’ll be here for six weeks, so it’ll be interesting to see how things go.

Unless I royally screwed up on my essay, I got a B on my Adkins test. I got 31 of 37 multiple-choice questions right, which is 93 points out of 111. I feel especially confident about my essay, unless he holds the length against me. Which he shouldn’t, right? If it takes me a lot of space to say, but I have all the right stuff in there, who cares? A little extra eye strain never killed anyone.

Greg let me use his locker to dump my books. I’m still grateful. My neck is grateful (because, for some reason, carrying around so much stuff hurts my neck instead of my back). I have to be at school early tomorrow for an NHS meeting, so I should have time to swing by there before first period.

I think I’m becoming a better driver. I’m still learning the finer points of my Jetta, but I feel so much more comfortable than I ever did in the Camry or the van. Dad even told me I did well tonight. There’s hope for me yet.

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