I think I’m getting sick. I felt a cold coming on last night, so I tried to avoid panicking. I went to bed before midnight (which is good for a sort-of weekend) wearing long-sleeved pajamas. (The pink Hello Kitty ones I got for my birthday. They’re pretty cute for something so… childish. A good kind of childish.)

I still feel sick today. Sitting around for an hour in my bathrobe while I did my hair can’t have helped, but I’m trying to stay warm. I hate doing white laundry, and I’m not going anywhere today, so no socks. It’s fuzzy blue slippers for me. And my old Old Navy sweatshirt. I missed this thing.

Greg is nowhere to be found, despite having posted a one-liner (shame!) in his LJ an hour ago. Also, our power is flickering on and off, and I still have to construct my RP paper. Which will be hellish, because my project isn’t “experimental” enough for Ms. Comerford, so I have to keep revising the stupid thing. It’s not fair. I will not let her give me a B in RP. I will say it right now: I hate people who bs things and still get decent grades. That’s my version of decent, not the “average” C. I work so hard and still manage to fail sometimes. They put in almost zero work, and ease on by. Life is just screwed up like that.

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