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I’m not as stressed out tonight as I was last night. And chronologically speaking, I have more time. Work-wise, I have no time.

We were barely on time to school this morning. At least the bus came earlier this morning, right after the elementary school bus left. We had a quiz in PreCal, but it was on exact values. I spent a huge chunk of last year having all things trig drilled into my head; exact values are simple now. I rationalize fractions in my head without even realizing it. That cut our note-taking time short, but we’re solving triangles now, which I also know how to do. We did it differently last year, but the method in the book works, so I’m good.

At the ATP on Saturday, the current college students were adamant about the fact that in college, you have to care for yourself. The professors don’t care if you never show up to class. “They won’t baby you.” In Geology today, I felt babied. (I think I just made up a verb.) Mr. Witko is very neat, very organized, and insistent that things be done exactly his way. I’m more than happy to comply, but I’m also thinking that this year should be spent preparing for college as well as finishing high school. Concept maps are just so fifth grade. And writing our “lab” report exactly like his guideline. I felt like a monkey. (You know, monkey see, monkey do?)

The ominous Adkins test was not that bad. Hearing about the difficulty of an Adkins test reminded me of middle school. We took World History in the eighth grade, when I was still in Germany. My teacher, Mr. Goetz (pronounced “gets”) was known for giving challenging tests. The reputation was not just a rumor. But he also had a reputation for being a really interesting teacher. Not interesting the way Mr. Adkins is most of the time (the man knows what he’s talking about, and he cares so much). Mr. Goetz’s class was always interesting. We wrote scripts and made videos of ourselves as famous historical figures. I was Belle Starr. (I didn’t know who she was either, until I started researching.) We connected the assault on the mother ship from Independence Day to the attacks the Native Americans waged on the early English settlers. His classroom decorations were always colorful, and he always had unique projects so we could really get to know the material. It wasn’t easy, but it was interesting.

Back to the test. I managed to stay focused, for the most part. (I’ve had “Baby Boy”, Beyonce feat. Sean Paul, running through my head for ages.) One of the multiple-choice questions really confused me, though; three of the four choices were correct. And it wasn’t a “pick the one that doesn’t belong” type of question. I totally understood the essay question, though I may have written too much. I put a little note at the end apologizing for writing so much, but there’s no maximum, and he told us to be detailed, so I was. I got the bonus question wrong, though. And the Browns lost yesterday. Who would have thought school would make me finally pay attention to football?

Ms. Sim is still being Ms. Sim. She showed us examples of different essay-writing styles today by putting critical reviews on the overheard. Mine was one of them. That’s the second time my writing has been displayed and evaluated publicly. It wasn’t any easier this time. Yeah, it was boring, but I was bored. My tone showed through. The process confused me. I scored well on that review/essay, but she seemed to acknowledge that it wasn’t fantastic. Does that mean I should try a different tack for this next essay (which I will be starting shortly)?

Mrs. Anderson had to go take care of her mother today, and Mr. T couldn’t stay, so we canceled It’s Ac. I have, therefore, lost most of my hopes of us winning at all, unless by some massive stroke of luck. We haven’t practiced enough. We’re not a fabulous team, but we don’t suck. I just don’t know.

I am tired, but I have work to do. All this work is making me detest school more than usual.


I went to the Academically Talented Program at College Park on Saturday. I wanted so much to sleep in on Saturday morning, but I figured I might as well go. My dad insisted we leave early, which meant that I was up before the sun, but at least we weren’t rushed. The program was very nice. There was lots of free food, and we got to ask questions to and hear from actual students at the university. I got so much information, but it never felt like too much. Everything was fabulous, and I was totally swayed. I would love to go there next year.

The best thing was that they think it’s okay to go in Undecided. Undecideds go to the Division of Letters and Sciences. I heard an interesting take on the concept of Undecided as a major in the opening address. (The English professor that gave the speech was incredible.) In many cases, the Undecided student just has so many interests and talents to pursue, they can’t pick just one. That’s a kind of rosy way to look at it, but I like that. I feel that my talent is in writing, but I don’t know if I’d be an English major, or a journalism major (though that school is hard to get into), or what. At least it stopped my mom from hounding me… for now.

I didn’t get back from UMCP until mid-afternoon. Greg convinced me to go see Uptown Girls. (Well, he convinced me to go out. I picked the movie.) It wasn’t all that good, really. It had promise, but didn’t live up to it. Dakota Fanning (the little girl) is darling, and the ending was cool, but otherwise it was generally mediocre. We ran into Ian when we got to the escalator, but I didn’t get to say much since Greg pushed me up the escalator. I’m still not sure what that was about. I recovered quickly, so I didn’t fall, but I could have.

Today was catch-up day. I finished my math homework and Ms. Sim’s worksheets. (I hate worksheets, just on principle.) Then I had my piano lesson, went driving, and studied for my Adkins test tomorrow. Pray for me. Seriously. I have been completely stressed for the last three weeks. Just when something is out of the way, something else comes up. To elaborate: Essay for Ms. Sim due Wednesday. Topic for Adkins project due Tuesday. NHS meeting Wednesday morning. Still no locker; no time to complain to anyone about it. Sudden lack of pens. Piano. Driving. The Internet. My tv shows; at the moment, show, which is sometimes skipped in favor of time-consuming homework. Senior pictures retake on Saturday — in Baltimore! (Can you say “bags under the eyes”?)

And the bittersweet icing on the stress cake, Greg feeling guilty for trying to dissuade me from working so hard, and me feeling guilty for demoting him in favor of my work.

It’s going to be a long year.


Almost forgot the Friday Five: Cleaning.

1. What housekeeping chore(s) do you hate doing the most?
Dishes. We use our dishwasher (the machine, not a person), but loading and unloading it is such a pain.

2. Are there any that you like or don’t mind doing?
Dusting, polishing the wood furniture, or cleaning glass. They’re all very simple.

3. Do you have a routine throughout the week or just clean as it’s needed?
When something is obviously dirty, I clean it. I vaccuum about once a week, and I always have to clean my sink (it’s blue, so it shows “dirt” really well).

4. Do you have any odd cleaning/housekeeping quirks or rules?
Not really. I have to clean my shower while standing in it, fully clothed, but that’s about as weird as it gets.

5. What was the last thing you cleaned?
My desk. I had so much junk piled on it over the summer, because I wasn’t using it for homework, but I had to get rid of all that so I could stop writing on my bed and straining my back even more.

::notices red eyes:: Bedtime. Also, Greg, if you read this, I should be home around 4 tomorrow.


I was so busy yesterday, I didn’t have a chance to blog. Mr. T is still mysteriously absent, so we had an informal It’s Ac with Mrs. Anderson. By informal, I mean that no one remembered to get questions for her from Mr. T before he took off, so she went over literature info with us. It was a little boring, as the non-question sessions usually are, but still. I always feel really comfortable around the other admitted nerds. :)

School was fine. I got my summer paper back from Mr. Adkins – a 93. Yayness. And I got a 14 (out of 15) on our first pop quiz. You know, I’ve always believed that if you get a question where you really don’t know the answer, but you know something that could be right, you should just write as much as you can. You’re more likely to get something right that way. It totally worked.

Senior Skip Day actually happened. In RP second period, an entire row of people was missing. Ms. Sim got really ticked over it. She gave us a pop quiz today. The first question: “Senior Skip Day (a) was yesterday, (b) does not exist in Ms. Sim’s AP Literature class, (c) resulted in its participants being assigned a 250 word essay on their excuse, (d) b and c, or (e) [something really odd].” That was when I knew she was angry. The rest of the questions were things you couldn’t know unless you’d been in class yesterday. Of course, that’s assuming those of us who were there remembered enough. I made my first appearance on a quiz, toward the end: “Greg C. would not invite Lindsay over for tea because (a) he doesn’t like tea; he likes hot chocolate, (b) his mother would not approve, (c) his father would not approve, (d) Lindsay’s parents would not approve.” The answer, of course, was A. That’s my Greg. I had such a hard time trying to keep myself from bursting into laughter as I took the quiz. I’m not sure about that first question (I picked D), but I was surprised at how much I remembered. Yay to Ms. Sim for the most creative “punishment” ever.

Tomorrow, I am going to an orientation-type-thing at College Park. It’s very spur of the moment; my mom called just today to see if they had space. To my horror, that means I’ll have to get up around 5:30 (it starts at 8), and I’ll be out almost all day. To make matters worse, that gives me less time for my homework (math problems, a chapter to read for Geology, an Adkins test to study for on Monday (pray for me!), and a critical paper on vanity in Pride and Prejudice). And worst of all, I won’t get to see Greg. All weekend. And most of next (he’s working). My ability to put school before anything and everything has made our relationship interesting, to say the least. That’s just the way I am.

I went out driving last night with Mom. She knows I have problems with merging, but she still made me go out on Route 5. I fared better on unfamiliar streets, though. I went out again after school today with Dad. It went well. He helped me merge (mostly because the traffic was heavy), and we stayed on roads I know. Usually, driving with Dad is more strained because he talks at me instead of to me. He didn’t do that today. I am getting used to driving my car, even though I don’t know where anything is. It took me forever to find the windshield wiper switch. But it’s cute, and small, it doesn’t have much pick-up, and it’s all mine.


I got to bed just after midnight last night, so I am very tired right now. I’m running on too little sleep lately, but there’s only so much I can do about it.

School was fine. I’m almost getting used to being late. It started to rain really hard while I was waiting for the bus, but I had my umbrella like always. Megan texted me, “It’s raining!” Yeah, that was obvious, but the way I imagined her saying it out loud was just funny. Leave it to Megan to supply energy to any situation. Even when she’s ranting about failing someone’s class, she’s jumping around and turning red as she does it. Love ya, Megan. :)

Quiz in RP today. Basic statistics stuff; I looked over my notes before the quiz and did fine. They didn’t screw us over with that statistic vs. parameter nonsense again, so I’m good. Then another quiz in Geology, on lab equipment. I was doing great until the end, when I mixed up and forgot some bottles. ::shrugs:: It’s mundane busywork anyway. You know half the people will forget all the names in no time. It’ll be “pass the thingie” for months.

Pop quiz in Adkins today. The thing is, I sensed a quiz. It’s halfway between the test and when we started. I tried to study some at lunch, but it was just too noisy. Then I walk into class, and sure enough, there’s a quiz. I know I only got the first question half right. The second I may have had all wrong, but I know I aced the third. Bacon’s Rebellion struck a chord in my bad memory; that was Megan, Stephanie, and Choi’s first quarter video topic.

AP Lit was okay. Except that I was bored. So bored. That almost never happens in my English class. It’s my favorite subject, so it’s easier for me to stay awake. Maybe it’s just the way she talks. Her speaking is always kind of broken and repetitive. I can understand her, but she never seems to get her thoughts across clearly out loud, you know? Sometimes I have that same problem, but it’s never quite that persistent.

Mr. T was out today. None of us has a class with him now, so we’re never sure when he’s at school or not, so we waited around for a little while. Then Vicki showed up and told us that she has his class, and he was out. It was very handy that the buses were still outside when I got out there, ’cause then Greg didn’t have to bring me home. He’s such a sweetie like that. Though he did almost walk off with my books… not on purpose.

I got new glasses yesterday. I purposely didn’t say anything, wondering if Greg would notice. He didn’t. Not that I expect him to note everything about me, but my glasses were silver with gray tint, and now they’re dark brown with amber tint. And they have the non-reflective coating on them, so there’s no glare. I consider that a notable change. The bad thing is, they get dirty so easily. I swear I cleaned them ten times today. With my old ones, I sometimes went days without cleaning them at all.

I am very tired, and my bedtime is fast approaching. Yes, I heard about Senior Skip Day tomorrow (the fourth of the month for the class of 04). I have Adkins. Not gonna happen. At least, not yet. Oh, who am I kidding? With my reputation and character, not ever.


When I went from my guestbook to The Leaky Cauldron, the background color changed was really slow. First it was blue, then this odd peach color, then white. I mean, even when I tried to use the computer when my eyes were dilated, nothing like that happened. On to less weird things. (Ha.)

I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, the bus would be on time this morning. That maybe I could get to school before the late bell. The warning bell, even. That maybe I could talk to Greg in the morning like I used to. Of course, the bus came late. I got to school late. I hate walking into first period late; it’s so conspicuous. I hate drawing attention to myself, even when it’s not my fault.

I got my RP paper back. If I don’t get some points added on, I’m going to have serious issues with Ms. Comerford. Hello, I actually did my project! That’s more than a lot of the slackers did. I want credit for it! I’ll see if I can get her a supplement this week.

Ms. Sim gave out locker cards today. The last five or six people alphabetically didn’t even have cards (including me). So I gave up and went with Greg to his locker, but it wouldn’t open. It figures. I swear, if something ever went off without a hitch, I would be astonished. The fact that nothing went wrong would be wrong. Such is the nature of our school. Not that I hate it. It could be worse.

Stephanie gave me a late birthday present. She does get credit, though, for wishing me a happy birthday on my actual birthday. She gave me this cute hair clip and some earrings from Icing (which is practically my favorite store). I feel bad now because I didn’t get her a present. I’m not sure what she likes. I also owe Danelle, like, an edible present. (She got me Crunch bars – yum.)

I had to go out to Waldorf this evening. I won’t say why; I want to see if anyone notices tomorrow. That took a huge chunk out of my evening, though, so I was doing homework until about 9:30. Argh. That is why I’m online far too late. I am so running myself down on sleep. And if they move my bus time back up (pleasepleaseplease), I won’t get any more sleep anyway. Not that sleep is overrated. It just takes too much time.


I stayed up late last night talking to Greg again. I love talking to him, but I hate how it takes me up to an hour to end the conversation. Many times, it ends with me saying, “There’s the little beep that means my battery’s dying. … There it is again. … If I don’t hang up now, we’re going to get cut off.” He called me again today, because our conversation did not end well last night. The incredible thing was, not only did we come to a resolution, but we ended today’s conversation much happier than when we started it. I know I felt great. But my battery was drained again.

My family went to some football event on the Mall today. (The one in D.C., not the kind you shop in.) They go a lot of places without me now. That wouldn’t affect me so much if I had (a) a driver’s license and (b) my car back. I do enjoy having the house to myself sometimes, though.

Right after my family came back, the power went out. For no reason. There hasn’t been a storm in a few days (though we’re due for some this week). I was practicing piano, which, come to think of it, I still have to finish. I used the downtime to cover my flimsy PreCal book and sit on the porch to read. In return, I have a covered flimsy book and bug bites on my arms.

Randomly: Now I understand what people mean when they keep insisting that LiveJournal is a community.

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