I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday morning. Seriously. It was dark when I got up, which is unusual (for this year, since the bus comes so much later than it used to). We had to go out to Bolling to get new ID cards, since ours expired last week. But in exchange for trekking out there in the frigid early morning, and taking another crappy picture, I got a leisurely breakfast at Burger King and got to school early.

I tried running some errands, but Mrs. Anderson wasn’t in her room, so that was shot. Greg showed up, we hung out with Mr. Price, and I somehow still managed to be late to math class. So, math was okay, except that I’m confused now and we have a test tomorrow. I studied, though. I’ve never actually had to study for a math test before. It’s tricky; you can only really go over formulas and work problems. Math is not my thing. Why do I have to work so much harder this year? It’s my own fault, though, and I haven’t slid back into the penultimate depression in a while, so yeah.

RP was fine, except that I forgot a second copy of my (crappy) chapter, so technically it was late when I turned it in today. No big deal, she likes me. In Geology, I used this nifty program called Inspiration to make a concept map (oh, the elementary-ness of it all). Pop quiz in Adkins. I felt good about it while I was taking it, but after the discussion, it’s much more iffy. We signed Senior Contracts in English, which just let you know what more you need to graduate. That only took one period, so we spent eighth period checking a Hamlet worksheet.

After school, I went to get my recommendation form for UMD from Mrs. Anderson. She didn’t come upstairs until almost 5:00, but I waited around with Megan and the drama club people. It was nice having someone to share my college stress with, and I hardly get to see Megan this year anyway. Once I’m able to drive, we’ll almost never see each other. :( I know she lives five minutes away, by walking, but I’m too busy and lazy. Then again, so is she. ;)

Speaking of Megan (and Stephanie), I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but their dog, Penny, was really sick. She had cancer. That was new to me; I didn’t know dogs could get cancer, but they have cells, too, so I guess it’s possible. She wasn’t eating or really moving around, so they decided not to let her suffer and put her to sleep last week. Megan and Stephanie were basically my first friends after I changed schools, and I felt bad because we’ve been separated this year. Steph, you’ve already heard from me, but Megan, if you’re reading this, know how sorry I am about Penny. 7th Heaven and Everwood. Then I talked to Greg and went to bed.

I got up at the normal time today, but somehow wound up five minutes ahead. No complaints on my part. I was late for math again, but Ms. O’Neal never minds. I just write my bus number on the tardy sheet and take my homework to her desk.

Okay. I wound up with Ms. Comerford for RP, which is the only RP class that actually does work. The “course” isn’t standardized, meaning each teacher can teach it however they want. The other two classes get extensions on their chapters and never have worksheets or anything. And might I add, the concept of a pop ID quiz is interesting, but unfair. Now, my only complaint was that they should have to do the same work we do, or at least the same volume. It seems that rumor somehow trickled down to Avondet and Bley, so now Avondet is less loose with his class (and I hear he’s quitting! I liked him!) and Bley’s gone totalitarian.

None of my business, right? Wrong. The students blame me. I know what happens in the other RP classes because I have friends in them, but I’ve never complained to the teachers. That would just be wrong. But Greg has Mr. Bley. One of the complaints that supposedly got to the teachers was that people “play cards” in Bley’s class. Greg plays cards. I have Ms. Comerford and an obvious connection to Greg. So, they assume it’s my fault. It’s not that big a deal, but still. I care what other people think about me. Knowing that they think I’d do something that unfair, that hurts.

Witko gave us another outline. I went to see my new guidance counselor, Ms. Trice, before tutoring at lunchtime today. She gave me credit for my last pesky service hour. She also thinks I actually advanced in the National Achievement Scholarship Competition (like National Merit, but only for black people). That’s news. If I’d made it, they should have let me know months ago. I know Dana made it, and I am 99.99% positive I filled in the little oval on the answer sheet last year. I have to contact NASC and see what’s up, ’cause that’s big deal. It’s not a whole lot of money even if I do win, but if I have a chance, I want to know.

Adkins went off on many tangents today. The Comp Sci people caught a mouse in Mr. Harrison’s room. They stuck it in a cooler, claimed it as their mascot, and named it Java. Nerds, the lot of them. We sat around and read/listened to Hamlet again, and I took a nap on the windowsill with Greg during the break.

After school was uneventful. I took the bus home, Mom made meatball subs, and I got all pertinent homework done. I’m still tired, though. I’m going to be tired for a long time to come.

Oh, and Semagic is a godsend for saving drafts. I set it to save every two minutes or so, so when my computer crashed about ten minutes ago, I didn’t lose my entry. Life is okay sometimes.

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