Happy New Year, everyone! As Megan put it, this is our year. At least, for my fellow seniors. We finish high school in May, graduate in June, become of legal age (for those of us who haven’t yet), and start the rest of our lives. A lot of us will be freshmen (again) and start school (again) in the fall. Either way, this is going to be a big year. Whoa, I’m going to be old enough to vote in the next presidential election! I should start paying attention to politics. Though, after that business with the Terminator Governor, I’m starting to lose hope for the American people as a whole.

I stayed home last night. I watched the MTV New Year’s show. I like that one best. I also spent hours talking to Greg. It still amazes me that we haven’t run out of stuff to talk about. My family went to Papa and Bridgette’s, but I opted out. It would just be hours upon hours of me sitting around, reading and eating, trying to avoid conversation with those surprise relatives, and repeating a dozen times what I plan to do after graduation. I’d rather be alone. It’s depressing, definitely, but bearable.

I went to bed around 2, so I didn’t wake up until almost 11 today. I caught the end (that I didn’t see) of My Big Fat Greek Wedding during lunch. Great movie. I laughed like I do when I watch reruns of Friends and The Cosby Show.

I tried twice yesterday to write my AP Lit essay. It was crap both times. I just don’t know what to write about. You’d think that with all the essays I’ve had to write recently, for AP Lit and colleges, I’d be at least passable at coming up with essays from odd topics. I just can’t run with this one. If I come up with anything, it’ll be mind-numbingly trite. There’s just nothing new to say.

It’s official. The computer ate my RP Chapter Three, which I need to correct tonight. I need to do that before I go watch a Friends rerun. If DVD sets of tv episodes didn’t cost so much, I would consider buying them. Though, half the fun of reruns is that you never know which one you’re gonna get. (Movie allusion intended.)

Greg and I may go to the movies tomorrow night, pending parental approval (which they always give), and I’m going to the MLW reunion on Saturday. (The “camp” I went to this summer, remember?) School starts on Monday. Bleh. The time crunch is doing something for my laziness (I think), but I really don’t want to go back to school.

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