Friday, it snowed. Not a lot, but enough to cause ice, snow, and bitter cold. I don’t usually have activites on Friday, so I was resigned to bundling up and waiting at the bus stop. I waited until about 9:27, at which time I called my mom and told her I was just going to drive. My parents and I were all wary about my running across ice. Since I was already late, though, I was in no rush, so I went slow. It helped that everyone else was driving slow, too, because you’re supposed to keep up with the flow of traffic no matter what the conditions. You can be ticketed for driving too slowly, too. I got to school around 10am, quite disgruntled, almost frozen, and tired from lack of sleep. I could have used a two-hour delay — hello, naptime.

School was okay. We had a pop quiz in Adkins. I think I did okay on it. I was blanking on part of the second question. I stared up at the ceiling, trying to visualize my notes, and it worked! I had this sudden epiphany about… uh, I think it was the changes the Republicans made after Grant was elected in 1872. Or maybe it was 68 (but the year wasn’t part of the answer, so I’m good). Anyway, I worded some things wrong, but that’s better than nothing.

Ms. Sim let us have the second half of AP Lit to ourselves. Greg and Ian played Magic; I sat on the windowsill/shelf with Sarah and sang random songs. You know, I think part of my conflict with Ian is astrological. He thinks astrology as a whole is nonsense, but I believe in astro profiling. He’s a Virgo, too. I firmly believe that Mark and I didn’t work because we’re too alike in our Virgoness. I may have that same problem with Ian… among other issues. I’m back to tolerating him, though.

I was all set to watch TRL and do some homework after school, but Greg called. He’d forgotten he had the day off, so I went over to work on our AP Lit project. He had to run some errands and such, so we didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, but something’s better than nothing. (Did I already say that?)

Yesterday, I went back to Greg’s house to finish up the project. It was absolutely frigid. Two seconds outside, and I was ready to go back in. It may have been 25 degrees (!), but it felt like 12. We got started late (more errands), but we were relatively productive. His computer started lagging toward the end (probably because we had so many pictures and about five windows open). We’re a bit short, though, and his printer’s low on ink, so I may have to have him email me the article text and print it here. I still feel like we need another article or so. To satiate your curiosity, I did do most of the writing, but it was cooperative. Ms. Sim thinks that Greg has the passion and originality, and I have the sophistication and refinement, so together, we should have a stellar project. I hope so.

I haven’t done much today. I’ve decided that vented brushes are excellent hair-straightening tools. I even did something midly political by reading the Mini Page about the elections this year, what with my becoming a potential voter this year.

In the random coincidences department, I sang Switchfoot songs to myself yesterday while Greg and I were working. When we finally went downstairs for pizza, the video for “Meant to Live” was on MTV2! Never heard of Switchfoot? Neither had I, until A Walk to Remember. It’s good music, Christian rock, but the religious undertones aren’t glaring. Something like Stacie Orrico.

A short blog-public service announcement: When you leave a room, turn off any lights or electronic devices that are still on. It won’t hurt you to turn them back on when you return. You’ll save money on your electric bill. You’ll also spare the nonrenewable fossil fuels that are likely being burned to produce the electricity to power that tv that no one’s watching. I’ve been turning off unused lights and tv’s for years now. It’s an easy habit to make, and a good one to have at that.

Megan got into Towson, her first choice!!! Yay!!! Good news like that should come more often.

No Friday Five this week, so I’m trying a word association list for Sundays from Luna Nina.

Mitchell:: Joni
Mercury:: car
Cycle:: motorcycle
Engagement:: wedding
Alternative:: music
Gang:: fight
Emotional:: condition
Skinny:: mini (or minnie)
Hypochondriac:: sick
Insecure:: afraid

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