I was weeding at work this morning. That’s not easy work. Most of the weeds were easy to pull up, but some were attached to a vine. The vines just wouldn’t give up, though I think I pulled one out by the roots. I pulled, and I was holding this enormous clump of dirt. The pulling wasn’t bad, but bending over in the hot sun for an hour was. Most of the flowers in that garden are fake, but the weeds were smart, hiding right underneath the few real plants. And I had to keep avoiding the cicada carcasses lying around. I mistakenly looked up into one of the overhanging tree branches, and was absolutely terrified. Cicadas must have a natural expiration date. That would explain why, one day, they just all shut up. It’s so quiet now without the horrible cicada song in the background. Anyway, in the tree were casts of what were unmistakably cicadas, clinging to the leaves. It’s like they were chirping away, looking for some cicada lovin’, when they just died. Didn’t even get to let go of the tree. That’s kind of sad. On the other hand, I can walk to work without being terrified, so yay.

Last night, Greg, David, and I went to see White Chicks. It was really funny. The “white chicks” that weren’t Wayanses in costume had really bad lines, but that just made it funnier. The battle of “yo mama” jokes was great. “Your mother’s so dumb, she goes into Prada and tries to buy, like, Fendi and stuff.” I know stereotyping people based on being white or blonde (or black, for that matter) is technically wrong, but can I help it if it’s funny? We know the Wayans brothers weren’t being serious, they were just trying to make some money. And they’re genuinely funny, so it’s okay. We ate at Ruby Tuesday after, the one next to Hoffmann. The service wasn’t great. It was the same problem as Friendly’s. The service usually sucks, but the food is good, so you still want to go there.

I’m debating whether or not I should use a mouse with Bethany. I’ve gotten used to using the touchpad thing now. My mom brought back the one she bought me, which probably means she threw the receipt away. I want to know if she still has it. I can’t decide. I suppose the most crucial thing I’d use a mouse for is making pictures, which is dependent on my exploring Paint Shop Pro. I want to know if the whole thing’s a trial version (which I hope isn’t true), or if it just has special features that will expire.

I should go watch Friends and Jeopardy! tonight. I haven’t done that at all since I’ve been working. I spend so much time online. I want to keep that habit while I can, though, before I skip them to study this fall. College is a source of impending doom for me. It’s such a massive change. I don’t know if I’ll be able to deal with a roommate. I like my privacy. I have the whole house to myself while my family’s vacationing at Solomon’s Island. It’s weird with silence all around me, but I can deal. I’m also wary of actual college-level work. I could barely handle high school college-level work (e.g. Adkins). Which reminds me of AP exams. I hope I get credit for AP US History. I have to have gotten a 4, though, which is statistically unlikely. I don’t want a repeat of last year’s upsetting score. I just want to feel like working my butt off has paid off somehow. So far, all it’s gotten me is not being last at graduation, which was lovely.

Is it wrong that I’m unsatisfied?

Oh. I’ve enabled comments, just to see how that goes. The guestbook will remain, though.

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