Yesterday, Greg came over for a Star Wars marathon. All of the original trilogy, on the special edition videos he borrowed from Ian’s mom. I hooked up my VCR/DVD player in the living room all by myself. Considering that I usually give electronic things to my parents to hook up, then stand back and stay out of the way, that’s an accomplishment. “Idiot-proof” or no. The movies were great. I’d seen part of Star Wars in school before and wanted to see them all since then. Or, should I say, I saw part of A New Hope. How can you rename a movie twenty years after its original release? Doing prequels upset the massive fans enough. Changing the title just makes it confusing. Granted, the movies themselves are still fabulous. I can see why people latched onto it so quickly. My dad walked by when we were watching. He said he remembers seeing… erm, the first one, I suppose, at the Uptown Theater in DC. He’d have been about sixteen. He said they waited in line for two hours! I love Harry Potter, but I would not wait that long to see the next movie. (Which, by the way, is currently just one movie, not two. It’d probably be better as two, but the screenplay’s written and currently being filmed as just one film.)

After Greg went home, I watched The Cosby Show on Nick at Nite. It was the episode where the family dresses up and pretends to be the “real world”, since Theo was cocky about being totally prepared for it. It was hilarious, just like every other time I’ve seen it. It made me nervous, though. When I finally hit the “real world”, without school, college, or my parents, I’ll already be in debt. Actually, I’ll be in debt before classes even start. It won’t be easy adjusting to life after college, if what I foresee for my adjustment to life after high school is any indication. It’ll be harder with thousands of dollars of loans to pay back. I want to have faith in my future self, but that doesn’t usually work out. Something doesn’t happen according to my plan.

Today’s been another slow day. I watched Drive Me Crazy on ABC Family after lunch. Not a great movie, but not terrible. I also finally fixed my graphic up there. There were never supposed to be squares around the butterflies. They blend in now.

My *NSync CD is skipping. It plays about ten seconds of “The Two of Us”, then goes straight into “Gone”. It doesn’t look scratched. I hope it’s okay. Until Justin stops being so snobby, my boys won’t make another CD. At the rate they’re going, that might be (sob) never. So I have to find solace in “Celebrity”.

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