I took a personality test online just now. It was pretty cool, and quite accurate. It supports my natural inclination toward teaching.

ISFJs are private, faithful, sensible and sensitive. Shy, modest and unassuming, this type needs to support and minister to others in order to feel useful. Others count on the ISFJ’s steadfast caring and help–so much so that they may become irresponsibly dependent on this type’s support. Martyrdom is often an occupational hazard for self-sacrificing ISFJs, who may have to struggle with inner doubts and fears before expressing their personal needs and desires. Work is life to these conservative souls, who put in long hours at the workplace, as well as at home. ISFJs volunteer their help generously, often behind-the-scenes. Innovation, change and uncertainty are unnerving to these folks. They prefer a stable, organized, well regulated, scheduled life, even if someone else is to control what will happen and when. The deeply compassionate ISFJ gravitates toward traditional helping occupations: human services, the ministry, homemaking, teaching and clerical work. They are happy handling details and routine, especially if there is a human element in the work they do.

I had to work early today and yesterday. Mrs. Maus was having her carpets steam cleaned. The guy that did them told her to vacuum well before he came, especially the edges of the wall-to-wall carpeted areas and the cracks along the steps. So, I spent most of yesterday and just over an hour this morning vacuuming. I like it more that carrying around heavy boxes of envelopes (I have never seen one person with so many office supplies), but it was so tedious. Those rooms have a lot of edges. We got it all done, though, and then we cleaned out a file cabinet while they started the cleaning. I wound up basically trapped in the kitchen, not wanting to get my socks wet. I hate wearing wet socks. I ended up having to get them wet, though, to get out of the house. I did get to take a really refreshing nap when I got home, though.

Has anyone else been watching I Love the 90’s? The original, the 80’s, was awesome, so I guess VH1 is capitalizing on a good idea as much as possible. The did the 70’s, then the 80’s again, then Best Week Ever, which covers the present, and now the 90’s. But, like one article I read said, it’s too soon to be nostalgic about the 90’s. I’ll admit. though, that I was squeeing with glee when I saw the Power Rangers. “It’s Morphin’ time!” We used to play Power Rangers on the playground every day in kindergarten. I was always mysteriously wearing pink (hey, my mom dressed me), so I was the pink ranger. We’d run around, jumping and yelling, not really doing anything related to real martial arts. It was great fun.

I’m just going to reply to comments in the comments window (I can edit), because it’s weird putting them in my entry.

Everywhere I look, I see pale gray lines across my field of vision. I woke up, like, an hour ago. Shouldn’t my eyes be fully functioning by now? This worries me. It’s like my lens popping out last night (took me twenty minutes to get it back in) was a sign that something is wrong in that area. I hate having bad eyes. I do like my glasses, though. They’re like part of my face, what with having worn them for so many years (since first grade).

I hope I’m just being paranoid.

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