Seriously, my mom is the least tactful person I know sometimes. I just went upstairs to ask if Greg could come over tomorrow. On my way out, she noticed my hair and asked if I was going for the Pippi Longstocking look today. I guess I braided it too tightly this morning, but come on, Mom. This from the woman who, moments before, answered a question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire without actually reading the question.

Not much happened yesterday. I spent almost the whole day online, which is exhausting after spending most of the morning online, researching for Mrs. Maus. I did get to AIM with Andra, though, which was great. I catch up with her more often, now that she’s stateside. (To protect her privacy, I won’t say where she is, but it’s much closer.) I tried getting offline for the day early, around 10:30, but I wound up watching a Friends rerun — one I’d never seen — and talking to Greg until late.

Today I went outside. That’s a rare occurrence for this hermit. It was cool today; they predict low temperatures and on-and-off rain through the weekend. I read my Teen People first, then a computer magazine my parents got. One of those random mailings from the SAT, I’ll bet. It was odd, going from an article about abusive boyfriends to one on wi-fi. Courtney and her friends were across the street, so she was being loud and annoying. Yeah, I stay inside most of the time, but I have my reasons.

I am the archivist for the Good Ship (my favorite discussion board at Fiction Alley Park. I have one of the few positions that has actual responsibility, mine being to update the Good Ship Archives, obviously. It’s a big undertaking, but once I manage to get the page redesigned and new info included, it’ll just need new additions and the occasional layout change. I’ve been trying to learn to use PSP, but it’s still not going right for me. I think I’m just going to look around Artistic Alley (another FAP board) to see if someone will make a graphic for me. I do want to figure out PSP, though, so I’ll know if I want to bother checking Ebay again. I’ve never used Ebay before (almost online heresy, I know), but getting a cheap version of PSP would be a good reason to venture in. I’d only really use it to make graphics and the odd fanlisting code.

I’m moving onto campus in just about a month. Whoa. College just sneaked up on me. I’m still worried and stressed out. I want to just let everything run its course, but that seems so lackadaisical. I prefer to be proactive, even if it drives me crazy in the process.

Oh, and it’s time for a real episode of the Friday Five.

1) Who was your favorite band/musician when you were younger? I’m not really old, so this question is kind of weird. I’ll go with the Spice Girls (cringe) because I used to live for them.
2) Why? I was just caught up in the image. I got hooked on the unavoidable pop-ness of their music. And I was in Europe, which was as crazy for the Spice Girls as the US was. I got it from both angles.
3) Are they still your favorite/one of your favorites? No. First, they don’t exist anymore. Second, I got off their music even before they broke up.
4) What is your favorite of their songs? I did always love “Stop.” Melanie C. could sing, seriously.
5) Are there any specific lyrics you hold dear? From the Spice Girls? Not really. On “I Love the 90’s”, they pointed out that the lyrics to “Wannabe” (If you wannabe my lover/ you gotta get with my friends) are quite the opposite of what you’d want.

Random final comment: Alanis Morisette’s “Precious Illusions” just came on AOL Radio. I loved that video. It was so original. Yay for coincidences.

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