Ooh. Two announcements. First, the WB has cast Rita Skeeter for the GoF movie. The Leaky Cauldron has a picture of the actress. She looks perfect for Rita. Just like the actor they have to play Cedric. I’ve seen Fleur, too, but in those pictures, the actress had short hair, so I imagine she’ll look really different as Fleur.

Second, J.K. Rowling is having another baby! I just hope this pregnancy doesn’t interfere with the release of Book Six. For anyone who hasn’t heard (and as such, has been living under a rock), it’s titled Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. All she’s said is that the HBP is neither Harry nor Voldemort. There’s been some speculation on my mailing list: Hagrid, Seamus, even Dudley Dursley (which is near impossible). Personally, I think it’s a totally new character. The last time there was a person in the title (PoA), it was a basically new character. Sirius had been mentioned, though, in the very beginning of SS. I just don’t think the HBP is any half-blood we already know. That’s really all the speculation I want to hear — at least until they release passages, like for OotP. Sure, those snippets didn’t really tell us anything, but it made the wait a bit easier (or harder, depending on how you look at it).

LiveJournal is a nifty place. If I weren’t so attached to my blog here, I’d definitely switch. I love bouncing around through the communities, just reading what other people have to say. It takes blog-hopping to a whole new level. I also love my friends page, even though that cuts down on the amount of actual “hopping” I do.

Weird random occurrence: I think a little bug just tried to fly up my nose. I saw it zooming around, and it just flew toward my face. It’s still up there, though, so I know I didn’t accidentally breathe it or anything. Seriously, why me?

My UMD unofficial transcript is still showing my major as Undecided in Letters and Sciences. I’ll go look at that email again, but I could have sworn that woman I emailed said she was going to change that for me. I hate the necessity of following up on everything, but at least I know when things are actually done. Looks like I’ve got some more emails to send. Also, it is scary looking at how much money I will owe the university next month. And this is only my first semester. It’s going to be a long time until I have extra money.

Granddaddy has been working on my car since my accident. The flashbacks of the collision are gone now, and I think I’m ready to drive again. I just hope Mindy’s okay, and that I haven’t completely forgotten how to drive. You’re not supposed to forget how to ride a bike. I haven’t done that in years, but I’m not about to test that theory anytime soon. I hope driving doesn’t turn out the same way. He has everything attached and working, except the VW emblem. He took it for a test drive, all ready to bring her over here, and the a/c died. I’m surprised it hadn’t already. It wasn’t even working right before my accident. I’d been driving with my windows down, before the cicadas came. I still have to get my final transcript from school high school. The office is only open in the morning, so I really have no way to get there unless I can drive again. And I have some checks to deposit.

My mom went to Target this morning — without me. Boo. She did bring me a cute collapsible hamper, though. And it has a strap, for carting dirty laundry to a machine. It’s pretty nifty.

Off to the Good Ship again. Do you believe in trees?

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