Yesterday, Greg and I went shopping. We had to pick up a gift for Iyen’s debutante ball on Sunday. I debated not going, but my grandma went through the trouble of cleaning my prom dress so it could be worn again. It might be interesting. I won’t say what we got her, but I think she’ll like it.

I’ve started cleaning my room, just a little. I really need to go through all my clothes. I only wear about half of all the clothes I own, so I could stand to box up or give away the rest. Gotta figure out what’s going to school next month, what I can pick up at Thanksgiving when I bring back the warm-weather clothes, and what I don’t plan on wearing again, period. It makes me feel so spoiled, thinking of all that. My tastes are allowed to change, though. I’ve never actually had a “new” wardrobe. I just buy clothes when I feel like — and more often than not, when they’re on sale. Gradually, I stop wearing things.

Besides clothes, I need to figure out what else I need to take with me. I have those towels my uncle and aunt gave me for graduation, and I got a twin comforter and sheets, both purple (the color of royalty). I finally remembered to look for a storage box in Wal-Mart. It’s meant for beads and embroidery floss, but I’m using it to hold my earrings.

Cleaning Mrs. Maus’s house for two months has made me hate cleaning. I’m that much less motivated to clean my own room, because I’m not getting paid. Sad, but true. I did start slimming down my magazine collection, though. I’ve had subscriptions to Seventeen, Teen People and CosmoGirl! since we moved back stateside. When my magazine rack gets full, I go through the oldest issues, ripping out the articles and celebrity photos I like. The rest… well, they’re currently in a two-foot stack in my room. I want to recycle them, rather than throw them away (because I believe in trees), but I keep forgetting to. I’m not sure when our recycling day is. Anyway, I collect the articles in binders, along with newspaper clippings and comic strips. Right now, I have four very full binders, a rack full of magazines, and no desire to take them all to school. I’m not even going to continue getting them all. I’ll keep CG and borrow Seventeen if I really want it.

In the process of going through all those clippings, I came across my collection of CG editorials. I love teen editorials. We are such eloquent people, given the opportunity. There are two I wanted to share, Mind Matters and Decisions, Decisions. I also reorganized my fanlistings page. It looks much neater now, and I checked all my links. It’s not like anyone really sees it, but if they do, it’s presentable. Many thanks to the lovely Rajni for layout inspiration.

Is it really the end of July? Wow. Just under a month until I move to UMD, start classes, and turn eighteen. August is going to be a big month for me. I’m trying to figure out how I can get my mom to make me a cake — and do it herself, not get one from Giant. Bakeries don’t do chocolate frosting, and I like them homemade better. Just thinking about the marble-y goodness is tantalizing. I move in on August 26th, though. So I’ll either be celebrating early (which I plan to do with Greg anyway), or coming home the first weekend for some cake. It’d be worth it, though. I love cake.

I’m getting Mindy back today! At least, I hope nothing else randomly went wrong. I have to drive it back, though; I hope I remember how. It would suck beyond all reason to get in an accident right after my car is fixed. (Knock on wood.)

Edit: No sooner did I post that than my grandma showed up. She drove my car down here for me. That was nice of her, but I kind of wanted to drive it myself. I do wonder how she’s getting home, though. Also, I got a postcard from Megan in Myrtle Beach. It’s pretty, but they ruined the picture side with stray postmarks and a barcode sticker. Boo. Also, it had a 23-cent stamp on it. Aren’t we up to 37 now? All those post office workers, and no one noticed. Hmm.

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