First, a clipping from CosmoGirl! that I agree with completely. Personal experience made me look at this and see that she’s got a point.

I hate how the only time we see interracial relationships in movies or on TV is when they’re pointed out! Whenever there’s an interracial couple on-screen, that’s always the conflict of the storyline. Why can’t it ever just be part of the storyline? — Jenna, 17; Reading, PA

Next, the Friday Five.

1) Of everything in your wardrobe what do you feel the most comfortable wearing? Why? Jeans and one of my many t-shirts. The smaller ones, though. Jeans are just incredibly comfortable like that, and I prefer the shirts that fit to the oversized ones. Jeans and a t-shirt is my uniform.

2) How would you describe your style? Comfortable and casual.

3) How many pairs of shoes do you own and do you wear them all? Maybe fifteen? I only wear two pairs regularly, since it’s summer. The rest are either dress shoes or just really old. But I’ll be tackling my closet soon.

4) Where do you buy most of your clothes? Old Navy. I occasionally buy a shirt from Target, Wal-Mart, or Kohl’s, but Old Navy is my staple. I just buy what I like. As long as it’s reasonably priced (which usually means “on sale”) and fits well, I’ll buy it.

5) What was the last piece of clothing you bought? A dark red rugby-logo shirt from Old Navy. It was on sale.

And last, my usual random comments about my day. Mrs. Maus has set me to listing all the references for her dissertation. She doesn’t have any subjects at the moment. Or a clear idea of what she wants to study and how to go about it. She said she’s been working on this dissertation for five years. I believe her. She had a good one going last summer (which I also helped her research) on music therapy for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. She’d enlisted some of her friends to help with the sing-along therapy sessions, but couldn’t get approval from the hospital in the end.

In the spirit of sharing, I have posted two more articles. College tips this time: 10 Things and 36 Things. I’m big on advice columns and such, especially from my magazines, because they’re teen-oriented. I also love “Hints from Heloise”, “Dear Abby”, and “Tell Me About It” in The Washington Post. The more I know about what to do or not do, the better chance I have for doing and not doing anything I want or don’t want to do. … Did that make any sense?

I watched True Life: I’m in an Interracial Relationship last night. (See opening quote.) I love that series. I watched several episodes before I realized it was a documentary! That episode attracted me because of Greg. One of the couples was a black girl and a white guy. She was a stripper, though, so it didn’t fit completely. It was still interesting.

I pulled a Rajni just now. I went to Pick-A-Prof, where they list reviews of college professors. It turns out the prof for my honors seminar is an unusual grader and prone to taboo discussions. Not for me. I switched to another, still about literature, but taught by a professor who got 4.8 out of 5 in student ratings. And they’re at the exact same time, so I still have Tuesday afternoons free. With all the stress I have now — before classes have even started — that’s one less thing to worry about.

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