I almost forgot this thing was here. How sad is that? This, like many of my posts since I started school, will be a long one with short bursts of info as things pop into my head.

The agreement with my parents was that they’d take on extra loans to cover room and board, because despite all the crap I’d heard about dorm life, I was eager to try it. It’s not terrible. I feel like a hermit sometimes, though. Imagine having lunch with some friends from you floor when another girl — from South Campus — finds out you live where I do. Apparently, it’s “the party floor”. I heard Crazy Mike’s and Sara’s break up a few weeks ago (floorcest is a bad thing, people), and heard about some other things, but otherwise, I didn’t know my floor was that bad. We had a floor meeting last night just so the RD could lecture us about the drinking problems on the floor. How did I manage to miss all of that? I mean, Jenny and I usually keep the door closed, but still.

That last paragraph was headed toward this: I don’t want to go back home next year, and it’s not likely that my parents will want to help pay for another year. So I went to an RA info session yesterday evening. It sounds like a big responsibility. I know I already tend to act like everyone’s mother, but I don’t know if I could be an RA. I am incredibly drowsy and cranky when woken up before I’m good and ready to be awake. I’ve never been good at having deep personal conversations. I’m glad I went to that meeting, because it sounds like there’s a lot more to being an RA than getting free room and board and a single, and convincing people to go to activities and such. I’ve only approached Kelly once, to give her a cupcake, and Justin to see if he had pliers. With my luck, I’d wind up RA’ing on the “party floor”, or being faced with something I couldn’t handle. Living with Jenny — living on campus, period — has reduced my privacy already, but I don’t know if I could deal with the pressure of being there for people like an RA’s supposed to be. Maybe I should catch Kelly and ask her what it’s really like. I have to do it soon, though, because applications are due next Thursday. And then I have to find people to write my recommendations.

I had a Psychology exam this morning. I was up super-late studying last night, and then I still had two stories to read for my Honors seminar. I think I did okay on the exam, though there were several questions I had no clue how to answer. I just hope I don’t fail. I’m too much of a perfectionist to safely handle failure. Jenny had gone to sleep hours before; I thought she was reading in bed for a while, but I have my back to her when I’m at my desk, so I can’t always tell.

My life is so boring now, not that it was ever terribly interesting. I get up and go to class. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I get to come back and relax for an hour before my Geography lecture, but otherwise I got straight to class. After class, I come home. On Tuesdays, I do my laundry. (I didn’t do it today because I went home last weekend. Yay for free washers and dryers that actually dry.) On Wednesday nights, I have Sign Language Club. (I’m going to a silent dinner at a Mexican restaurant tomorrow night. That should be interesting, since I know hardly any signs. My fingerspelling is passable, though. I could have very slow, tedious silent conversations.) At least one day on the weekend, Greg comes up here and we hang out. Every few weeks, I go home. This is my life.

When did I become so boring?

I took my first Geography exam… last week. Was it really that long ago? It was horrible. I studied, I really did. Reading my notes, highlighting, the whole nine yards. I have no idea how I did. I do know that I only need a 50% (!!!) to pass, but I might have a nervous breakdown if I got a 50. When some people say things like that, they’re exaggerating. I don’t exaggerate so much anymore when it comes to me and school. Especially with scholarship money and my academic future to consider.

In an attempt to not sit around and study all night, I went out last Thursday. True, it was to a free author lecture in CSPAC, not out drinking, but it works for me. Azar Nafisi, who wrote Reading Lolita in Tehran, which I have not read but will, spoke about her experiences in Iran and her views on the world. It was fascinating. She mentioned Alice in Wonderland, which made me giddy. She also spoke about how Western people hear of the religious veils, the genocide, the terrorism, and stuff it all under “Islamic culture”. We don’t consider Nazi genocide German culture. We don’t consider the Inquisition Spanish culture. Why should we think of the negative aspects of Middle Eastern life — the aspects most of them don’t even like — and call that their culture? I’m glad I went, especially since I went to the Diner with a bunch of people from the hall afterwards for funnel cake. Yeah, I ate the equivalent of two or three powdered donuts, and used evil, evil styrofoam, but it was fun. I needed some fun.

I went to see my advisor. She’s really nice. I’d emailed her a few times before, and she was really helpful. I still don’t know what education major I want to declare next semester (either Secondary English, Secondary History, or Education), so I may have to go talk to her again. I hope I pick the right thing.

I’ll try to update more often so I can stop posting these long, rambling entries. I just don’t feel like blogging at 2am, once everything else is finally done. Hard work sucks.

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