I took the Metro to meet Greg again on Wednesday, this time with David along. He decided to throw a costume party tomorrow night, and I didn’t have anything to wear, so we all went shopping at Springfield Mall. We bounced back and forth between Target and the Halloween store. I eventually got some wings in the Halloween shop, and a flower crown in Hot Topic. I’m going to wear my white dress from graduation and be a fairy. We stayed at the mall for a long time, then went back to a Chinese restaurant in Oxon Hill. I haven’t had Chinese food in years, but I was brave and tried it. (Sure, mostly because Greg and David were eating Chinese, and they didn’t have much American food.) I had wonton soup, fried wontons, and General Tso’s chicken. It was all good. Not what my tastebuds are used to, but quite yummy all the same. I got home late, which was not good because I still had work to do for Thursday.

My fortune: One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes. (I never eat the cookie.)

I woke up dead tired on Thursday. I managed to make it out of bed, to the Diner, and to class, though. After class, I was going to hop on the Metro (again!) to go get my costume dress from home. I called my mom on the way, though, and we worked out a way for Greg to just pick it up and keep it as his house for me. Less time, money, and way more convenient. I came back and almost fell asleep reading for Geography.

After I grabbed a sandwich from the madhouse Diner (stupid focus dates), I ate quickly and went out into the hall. Traditionally, my building has a Halloween decorating contest every year. For several years in a row (six, nine?), my floor won. Last year, we tied. So, we were determined to take back the torch this year. I spent about five hours in the hallway putting up butcher paper and discussing final plans.

I was out there so late, but I had so much fun running around and being social. I met at least five more people from the hall; mostly boys because I’m never really on that side. Jenny and I usually just sit in here with the door closed, which is depressing but effective. We’re both big studiers, even though she goes to bed earlier than I do. I loved being out, though Greg wasn’t big on my not being able to talk to him.

Today, I struggled to get up again. Jenny actually went to take a shower before I got up. That’s so rare, she thought I was sick. I managed to leave at a reasonable time, though. I had to rush to the Diner and rush through my Honey Nut Cheerios, at the same time trying to text Greg to explain why I didn’t call last night. Then, on my way to class, it was raining. I dropped both my newspapers (the Diamondback and the satire Maryland Cow Nipple) on the ground, then stepped on them. I just threw them away. I was in a rush to my Geography discussion, just because I hate being late. I got there, tried to console Greg via text some more, and sat through another boring presentation. I didn’t listen at all to this one. I’m up next week, which should be interesting at best.

After discussion, I went to McKeldin. I spent about forty minutes studying for my math exam, then read my new Diamondback. I stayed too long, though, so I barely had enough time to grab some Sicilian pizza at South Campus before the exam. The pizza was really good. That is one of the few genuinely good things you can get in the dining halls. I almost didn’t get a seat in math; the people that never show up always remember to come on exam days. The exam wasn’t bad. I erased a lot more than usual, but I think I did well one this one, too.

After class, I came home in a crappy mood. I just didn’t have a great day. However, soon afterward, I went back out into the hallway. I spent all afternoon and evening decorating furiously for the judging at 7:00. I mostly stuck with taping up branches in the elevator lobby. I managed to get enough of them up to look like a convincing outside. We went with a prison/torture theme. We worked incredibly hard… to win by default. See, last night, we sent Andrew to scout the other floors, to see what they were working on. Nothing. Yay, we thought, we’ve got a head start. Well, when the report came back tonight that the other floors were still normal, we realized we’d have no competition. It was a big letdown, knowing that we were going to win by default, but we’d already done so much we just decided to keep going.

We actually finished after the “judges” got here, but they were really impressed, since we did all the work by ourselves. The elevator lobby was the outside/woods. In the lounge, a bunch of people were a chain gang, with actual chains. (Crazy Mike brought them. We didn’t question his sources.) We had an unoccupied electric chair, but it looked cool. I was in the guillotine. We laid a stuffed scarecrow-body on the table, with the guillotine and red paint to look like someone’s head had been cut off. I laid on chair under the table, with my head in the head-catching box, so when the judges looked in, I screamed. Frisbee Mike (they’ve been nicknamed to be more easily identified — and it works) staged a fake hanging in the alcove by the quad. Danielle moved her bed into the girls’ bathroom and we hung streamers from the ceiling so she could be an insane prisoner. Tom jumped out of an escape tunnel on the shower side of the bathroom. We had all the lights low and covered with colored paper, so the mood was perfect. It was great. I wasn’t big on being trapped under the table while everything went on, but I was glad to have a part without needing a makeshift costume. It would have been cooler to have competition. We really could have gotten, like, fake cobwebs and said, “Boo. Easton 4,” and we still would have won because none of the other floors participated. Nevertheless, we rock. And we get a pizza party.

Jenny’s gone home for the weekend, so I’m just hanging out in here, doing none of the work I should be doing. I’ll be out most of tomorrow, Metro-ing to Greg’s party. I should work… but I don’t want to. Yeah. College.

ETA: Friday Five
Answer the following questions with song lyrics. Describe:
1. How you feel about yourself.
“Nothing’s right, I’m torn/ I’m all out of faith.” Natalie Imbruglia, “Torn,” because it just seems to fit.
2. How you think your friends view you. “I feel fine/Now the rain has gone and the sun has come to shine/ Nothing can get me down today.” BBMak, “Out of My Heart,” because… I don’t know.
3. Your family. “Dancin’ in the moonlight/ Everybody’s feelin’ warm and bright/ It’s such a fine and natural sight/ Everybody’s dancin’ in the moonlight.” Toploader, “Dancin’ in the Moonlight,” because we’re so crazy and wacky sometimes.
4. Your romantic life. “With you, I can let my hair down/ I can say anything crazy/ I know you’ll catch me right before I hit the ground/ With nothin’ but a t-shirt on/ I’ve never felt so beautiful, baby, as I do now/ Now that I’m with you.” Jessica Simpson, “With You,” because that is exactly how I feel. 5. Your current state of mind. “Can you fill me in?” Craig David, “Fill Me In,” because I had such a hard time figuring out how to fill this in. Corny, I know, but true.

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