Greg and I are the strangest exes I’ve ever known. We’ve still been talking since last week. He wants me back, but I’m not sure if I want to go. What will happen to our relationship is yet to be seen.

On Christmas Eve, I spent the day with my family. That was weird. We went to see the ponderously-titled Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. (For the record, grammatically, there should be no “a” after a possessive, even as part of a title.) We ate at Ruby Tuesday, then went to vigil Mass. It’s technically “midnight Mass”, but they have it in the evening so people don’t have to go home at 1 A.M. It was the same as usual. Ryan was pleased because it was the first time he’d been to Mass since his First Communion, so he got to go up with the rest of us. Except my dad, who couldn’t since he isn’t actually Catholic yet.

Christmas was good. I got some cute clothes, jewelry, money, a new Harry Potter calendar (PoA this time. I think they’re photo-realistic paintings instead of movie stills), and other things. We only had one set of grandparents to visit this time, since Papa and Bridgette moved to Mississippi a while ago. Being around family was the same as always. I ate, I opened presents, and then I read.

This week has been pretty dull. My family’s home this week, so it’s not as quiet as last week. My dad will be home until at least February. His last duty day was last week, his retirment ceremony is sometime next week, and he officially separates in April. He’s very proud of his job-searching. He’s applied with TSA, so my dad may be in airports holding people up in those long lines while he checks their luggage.

Monday evening, I went to Megan and Stephanie’s party. It was something like a Christmas party, but not really, since Christmas had passed. There were so many people there I hadn’t seen in months: Hope, Alanna (for a little while), Jarred (okay, so I saw him at school), Meery, Kayla, Craig, McClain, Sharis, and probably some I’m forgetting. We ate, played Taboo (at which, as usual, I rocked), watched random tv, and talked. I had fun. I forget sometimes how much I enjoy being around other people. I miss E4.

Yesterday, I went out to Wal-Mart. My car has been sitting since Thanksgiving, in the cold and snow. My grandfather suggested I drive it, and I wanted to go buy the Garden State DVD anyway, so I went out. Megan and Steph are coming over this evening to watch it with me.

I got the soundtrack, too, mostly for “Let Go.” (I realized today, when I saw one of those compilation albums commercials, why I like that song so much. I have a soft spot for techno-driven dance music. And it reminds me of the end of the movie.) The rest is very emo. All the songs started sounding alike. Very male-vocals dominated, not the kind I usually listen to. The male singers I like tend to have smooth singing voices. I’ve only listened to it once, though. I’ll give myself time to warm up to it. All the songs reflect the mood of the movie perfectly, though.

So, I’ve got time to kill. Must finish my Fearless book; I’ve been reading it for about a month. So sad.

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