Friday Five
1) Would you rather live in a world with or without technology such as computers, cars, airplanes, bombs? When you consider all the destructive technology (like weapons), living without it seems like it might be a good idea. But technology also saves lives, and the Information Age is a great thing, so I would rather live with it.
2) If you had to live without either heating in your house or air conditioning, which one would you keep? I’d keep heat. Living in these sweatbox dorms is enlightening. You can get used to heat with a lot of fans and good cross-ventilation, but I couldn’t live without heat. I wouldn’t want to freeze.
3) If you had to own five dogs, what kind would you get? Those little white Scottish terriers are adorable. So are beagles. Of course, I don’t want one dog, let alone five, so I’m just going out on a limb.
4) If the world had a front porch, what would you do on it? Sit and swing, and look out over everything. It’d be something like imagining the scale of the universe; we are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
5) Would you rather live in a neighborhood where you know all of your neighbors by name, or where everyone sticks to their own business? I’d rather know everyone. My floor is about half-and-half. Some of us are like one big happy family, some people left us for a better dorm (boo!), and some never really wanted to be a part of our floor-family, so they aren’t. It’s so nice having that kind of relationship. It’d be weird being surrounded by a bunch of total strangers (instead of just a bunch of people that are totally strange).

This has been a busy week. I spent all weekend studying. Friday night, though, I ran into a bunch of people from the floor at dinner. I wound up going with them to see The Incredibles for free afterward. The movie was lovely — and packed. Our floor group took up about half of the back row. Yay for free entertainment. But for the rest of the weekend, I studied.

In women’s studies discussion on Monday, our TA’s shared “cultural products”, which are just things that correspond with the week’s reading. We’d been reading theory, so the cultural products were pretty general. One of the TA’s brought in this great article by Gloria Steinem, “If Men Could Menstruate.” Read it; it’s so funny. The best humor is based in reality. I went to dinner at Adele’s with Hana and Sara. I had a cordon blew cheeseburger, which was as odd as it sounds. Ham doesn’t complement beef the way it does chicken. I even had a big dessert — I never have big desserts. I had to cram in that night’s work, but I blew through some meal plan points. Boo for focus dates!

I got up early to do my laundry and study on Tuesday. I need a better plan. I was late going out for breakfast. I just barely finished reading Tartuffe for class. My clothes had to come out of the dryer too soon, so some of them were still wet. And on top of that, I was late to class (only by a few minutes, but still). That morning sucked.

On Wednesday, I went to church. It was Ash Wednesday, and I’m Catholic. I rarely write about religion here, but that’s because I pushed it aside in my life. I want it back. I went with Sara to mass (we saw a bunch of other people there), fasted, and got my ashes. We made really good time getting to the Catholic Student Center, considering that we’d never been there before and it’s way far away. The priest made a comment about the ashes seeming like a symbol of being in the Catholic club. It was interesting finding out who’s Catholic, since the ashes are such an obvious symbol. After mass, we went to dinner with Hana. She guilted us the whole way there; she’d wanted dinner when we were off to church, but to be fair, we had invited her to come to mass with us. Oh, and in the spirit of Lent, watch “Baby Got Book”, a parody of “Baby Got Back”, Bible-style.

Yesterday, I actually didn’t manage to finish Candide for class. My teacher was discussing the ending, and I felt so dumb because I was just a few pages shy when class started. I went to dinner with another bunch of people from the hall. Megha, Adrienne, and Crazy Mike were going to Platinum afterward; I might have gone if not for my lonely 9am class today.

So today, I grudgingly woke up for class. I’m so exhausted lately. I know it’s not possible to literally drag yourself out of bed, but I’m as close as you can get and still be figurative. I was late leaving, but a bunch of people were at breakfast, so that was nice. And, I finally managed to get the book and CDs I needed for my Honors seminar. And, I finished reading this week’s newspapers yesterday. So, I’m all caught up now. I’m leaving now to go get lunch and a ticket for The Vagina Monologues tonight. Aside from the massive studying, this has been a pretty good week.

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