Compulsion Alert!

Friday Five: Bedtime
(I am fully aware of today’s day. I just like doing these.)
1. What do you wear to bed? I have a thing for cute pajamas. I have a group of just bottoms, so sometimes I’ll put those on with whatever shirt I wore that day, but I don’t do that often. I’m far more likely to wear actual pajamas.

2. What side of the bed do you sleep on? There’s twin beds in the dorms at school, so I sleep in the middle to avoid rolling off. (That’s actually a big fear of mine, considering the distance to the floor even without risers.) At home, I sleep on the left side (standing at the foot; lying in it, it’s the right side) because it’s closer to my dresser. Being close to my glasses is a priority.

3. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No. I used to, but when I woke up in the morning, I’d have to fling back the covers to look for it. I decided my stuffed animals didn’t deserve to be smushed under the covers (or under me!) anymore.

4. Blanket/bed hog? I sleep alone, so it doesn’t matter.

5. Do you make your bed everyday? Of course! People don’t? Why? There were a few mornings in high school when I’d be in such a rush, I’d have to leave it unmade, but then I’d make it first thing when I got home. I absolutely will not climb into an unmade bed to sleep — which is not a problem, since I make it every morning. Also, once I get out of bed in the morning, I do not get back under the covers until I’m going to sleep for the night. I’ll sit, nap, or lay on top of them. That wrinkles them now, due to my lovely mattress pad, so I try to just sit at the foot of the bed to keep the covers neat.

Writing that last answer makes me realize how incredibly compulsive I can be. But I always answer the Friday Five honestly, so it shall stay as is.

Maura invited me to a music/movie thing in Silver Spring on Friday night, but I wasn’t up for it. Hermit!Lindsay is back in full swing.

My phone had issues last week. Sometimes, when I pushed the soft keys or the joystick, it wouldn’t respond. I had to push two or three times to get a response. I’ve taken to using it as an alarm clock. I have to completely scoot over in bed, get the phone, and wake enough to push the snooze button. Plus, it’s less annoying than my regular alarm clock. The non-response issue didn’t affect the alarm, though. At least until Sunday.

I awoke Sunday morning and peered at the clock, fully expecting to see about 5am. My mom had plans to go to the 10:30am Mass instead of our usual noon, so I’d set my phone alarm for the insane hour of 6:30. Stupid hair-washing. Imagine my surprise, confusion, and disappointment when the clock read 9:30. I went upstairs to tell my mom there was no way I could be ready to leave by 10. Still upset, I came back down to get dressed anyway.

As I was finishing my hair, I realized that my mom’s car was still parked outside. My grandma had called and apparently seemed disappointed that we wouldn’t be there for dinner. (My mom had wanted to go to 10:30 Mass, go visit my grandma, then get dinner and go to the movies.) So she revised the plan and decided to go to noon Mass after all. I felt much better.

At Mass, one of the men from my dad’s RCIA class was the altar server. We usually don’t have altar servers. After Mass, one of the RCIA instructors approached my mom to say hi, then explained the situation. Apparently there aren’t enough children willing to serve, so they’ve been using adults when they can get them. I offered to learn how to do it. That may turn out to be a bad idea, but we shall see.

We came home, I had a bagel, then we gathered my dad’s gifts and went out to my grandparents’ house. We gave both dads their Father’s Day presents. My dad liked his Whoppers.

After eating, we went out to Hoffman to see Batman Begins. That was an excellent movie. All the reviews were right. The villains were appropriately downplayed. Is it just me, or is the Scarecrow the first genuinely scary Batman villain? I was scared. The Batmobile was awesome. How cool is it that, in some of the shots, at least, it’s a real, full-size car? No computer animation. I enjoyed it immensely.

So today I Googled OfficeTeam, and submitted an application-thing with my resume. I found a job listing that looks like it might be good. I’m really hoping one of the tutoring centers will finally call me with something definitive tomorrow. Would it be so hard to say, “We’re not interested in hiring you right now”? Any answer would be better than this constant waiting.

For some food for thought, check out this Candorville comic.

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