Today, we have the last two Friday Fives, because last week’s questions were really good. I like answering random questions, because I like to pretend my readers actually care about my answers. (And no, that was not fishing for comments.)

The First Five
1. How long have you had your LiveJournal/blog? Three years. I’ve kept a journal continuously since the sixth grade, but I moved online for ease of writing and ease of sharing with my long-distance friends.
2. What do you consider to be the main purpose of your LiveJournal/blog? It used to be all about me. I’d just keep track of what happened in my own life. I have such a bad memory, it’s good to know that I can write down what I’m feeling and thinking, for when I can’t remember. Think The Notebook without the Alzheimer’s. (Uh, I hope I didn’t ruin that for anyone… but you should see it anyway if you haven’t already! So romantic.) Now, it’s both for myself and for my friends that read it. It also gets me to write at least once a week.
3. If you could change something about your personal blogging style, what would it be? I’d blog more often with shorter entries. I know it must get tedious for you all to sit through my marathon entries, but sometimes it takes a few days before I have anything worth writing down.
4. What are your criteria for adding someone to your friends list/blog roll? Interesting entries or a personal relationship with me. I only read a few blogs of people I haven’t personally met. I don’t display my links openly because I don’t want people to feel left out, but I do have a links page. (Now that I think about it, that page seriously needs an update.)
5. Name one thing that you’ve never before written about in your LJ/blog. Hmm. I write about almost everything. I’ll say prayer, but I’m going to get to that later, so even that’s out.

The Second Five
1. Who is your favorite superhero? I loved loved loved The Incredibles; does that count?
2. If you could have any superpower what would it be? Teleportation. Or even really fast running, like Superman (Smallville was on last night — Clark died!). So many times, I’ve forgotten things, but could describe their exact location. Even if I could only bring objects to me (or send them away), that could be cool.
3. What would your super outfit look like? I don’t know. Definitely something with pants. Who fights crime or whatever in a dress, really?
4. What would your super villain/nemesis be like? Erm. Probably someone with psychic powers. Messing with my head would pretty much do me in. Man, I’m a really bad superhero.
5. What would your catch phrase/calling card be? Well, you didn’t ask what my mission is, so how am I supposed to know? Bleargh.

The retreat was so awesome. I was in a rush leaving, so I packed in a hurry and left a bunch of stuff lying around. Maura must have found it interesting that I managed to leave the closest thing I’ve ever gotten to a mess only while I wasn’t here to obsessively clean it up. I’ve never understood packing light, so I just tried to get everything. I still managed to forget pajamas, but I’d randomly packed my track pants, so I slept in those.

The best part of the weekend was meeting so many cool people — and not just cool people, but cool religious Catholic college students. I had no idea there were so many, and those were just the ones who’d never been on a CSC retreat before! It was so refreshing to meet people who can jump around playing Cranium and go for random rainy walks into the mountains, yet still understand that awesome post-Confession high.

Highlights of the weekend:
– Getting there (Blue Ridge Summit, PA) in total darkness after about two hours. “We’re here!” “Yeah, wherever here is, it’s where we are,” I said.
– The icebreaker activity at the CSC before we left, wherein I tried to figure out that I was Ricky (Ricardo) and track down Lucy after convincing Defensive Dan that he was The Beast (as in Beauty and the).
– The icebreaker once we got there, wherein we gave ourselves adjectives to learn names. I was Lovely Lindsay, which I think I only got because there were no L’s before me. Lacey went with Like Totally Cool. (So, you see, I wasn’t calling Catholic Dan defensive because he is.) Fr. Bill went last, and we’d passed along our message, so everyone got up and ran before he could start. He did very well, of course.
– Adoration, which we did twice. I’ve never done adoration (of the Holy Eucharist) before, so it was really cool. I said a rosary during the first one, even though I’d accidentally left mine back in the house. I’ve done rosaries on my fingers before, though, so I managed.
– Saturday afternoon’s Cranium game. I did surprisingly badly in Word Worm, actually.
– Fancy dinner Saturday night. Everyone got dressed up, and the priests served us. They sat us at tables shaped like a cross, boy-girl alternated, with candles and everything.
– Skits after dinner and confession. They gave us two random props, a theme, and Bible story and left us to it. My group had a bunch of fake flowers, a Christmas tree-shaped tray, the Parable of the Sower, and Western. I was a cowgirl. It was great. The group leaders did the Parable of the Ten Virgins with Shakespeare, which was too hilarious to describe. I’d have to tell you in person — ask me, and I totally will. “Crappeth!” has had me laughing all week.
– Apparently, the guys came up to the girls’ house late Saturday night to serenade us. I’d already gone to bed, so I missed it. I’m still upset over that, because it sounds like it was amazing and so sweet. Yay for Catholic guys (not that other guys can’t be great as well).
– Reading at Mass on Sunday morning. I’m not scheduled to lector again until November, unless I go at 10:30am. And we had Psalm 23, which was cool to read/lead.
– Talking with Energetic Emma (a.k.a. Lucy, my traveling buddy) on the way up and Talented Tim (one of my small group leaders) on the way back.
– My bag. We decorated paper bags and hung them up to leave notes in. I think of it as my Brown Paper Bag of Love.

I had such a good time, then after we got back I had to unpack and study all evening for my 280 midterm.

I object to the word midterm. I had two this week, 280 and Comm, but I have another in two weeks. Who gets to decide when it’s the middle of the term? Why can’t we just call them exams? At least finals are actually final.

My 280 midterm wasn’t bad. I got it back today; I got an 83. Later on Monday, I also had a Spanish test. I didn’t study very much for that one, so I may have botched my indirect object pronouns, but I think I did well. Comm was hard to study for. It’s an unconventional class, so I wasn’t sure exactly what I should know, but I didn’t totally panic, so that’s a good sign. I did wind up writing my essay right until the end, though. I’m long-winded; it happens. I don’t have any tests next week, though, just a Comm presentation.

I got back the 301 analysis I thought I’d screwed up; I got a B-. It’s been a B semester for me in my English classes. That worries me somewhat, because I don’t want my GPA to keep declining. I’m cool with B’s, but I work hard, and I think my work shows that. That’s the cincher. Hard work alone doesn’t equal an A. You have to be able to learn by working hard and to prove it through tests and assignments. I’ve filed that lesson for my teaching career. (Gah. I’m going to be in school for the rest of my life.)

On Wednesday night, I went to the CSC for Mass and free dinner. I’ve never been, but I heard it was a good time, so I wanted to try it out. I met so many people on retreat, I knew I’d see familiar faces. I got to lector again, and dinner was cool. The Knights of Columbus and some women (their wives?) served us. I’m not exactly sure, but I think it was pork we were eating. I did see some people from the retreat, which was great. I didn’t stay long, though, since I wanted to get some more reading in before Sign Language Club. I’ll be at Silent Dinner next week, but I might have to keep going to Wednesday Dinner this semester.

Thursday’s 301 was kind of cool; we talked about description and analyzing visual media. Noon Mass was in the West Chapel, the smaller one, since they had Yom Kippur services in the Main Chapel. I kind of liked being back there. It was all wood and brick, and it felt more intimate. I decided to put off my laundry until this morning, so I’d have more time for ARHU reading. Of course, that didn’t work out. I’d bought some song downloads (I still had some paying it forward to do, and it was for disaster relief through LifeTeen), but after I downloaded them, my computer wouldn’t recognize the file types. I can play them fine in WMP, but MM won’t have it. I know I made it work once, but I get an error message when I try now. On top of that, my computer has been fussy lately. It’s crashed about six times in the last week. Twice, it crashed when I was ripping a CD, but I was trying to do too much, so when I asked it to do less work, it was fine. Now, though… I’m not sure what’s wrong. I’ll get it eventually, I think.

ARHU was such a trial yesterday. I barely got my abstract posted before class. It’s just occurring to me that I have to produce actual stories this semester. Setting goals for myself is a bit daunting. I hadn’t finished the reading, but I had already read the Kant, and I was alert through the Kuhn, so I thought I’d do okay in discussion. Yeah, not so much. When we (or rather, they) were discussing the Foucault, I could barely keep my eyes open. Andrew was sitting next to me, and he said he saw me about to fall asleep. But after class, I was totally awake for a great dinner with Scott, Andrew, and some other people. It’s weird how I wind up so often eating with a table full of white guys. Then it was tv night. The ER writers owe me more Shane. What happened with redeeming Ray at the end of last season? Where’s that Ray? They can throw away Doc Rock; bring back Landon-esque Ray.

Laundry this morning wasn’t great. I did snag the three washers I needed, but I forgot to bleach my whites, so it was moot. I was running a bit late, but I got to class on time. It was a hum-drum day. I had a good dinner earlier, even though I ate too much. I had good company. Maura’s friend Adam had us both dying with laughter on the way back. Good times. Good times.

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