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Friday Five for March 3: I’m Hot For Teacher
1. Who was your favorite all time teacher(s)? Mr. Adkins, Ms. Bond, Dean Hebert, and Leinwand.
2. What did they teach? Adkins taught AP US History my senior year of high school. Ms. Bond was my wonderful kindergarten teacher. Dean Hebert taught my first Honors seminar, the one on fiction. Leinwand is currently my Shakespeare professor.
3. What is your best memory from that class? I’ll stick with just one teacher, and a recent event so that I know I’m remembering it right. In our last lecture on Henry IV, Part I, Leinwand said, “As we all know, it’s hard to get from here to heaven, and I know you’re all working on it with me.” That made me smile, so I wrote it down in the margin of my notes. He’s a brilliant lecturer, even though with him, everything is about sex. Lots of things in life are about sex, but not everything. He says some real gems sometimes.
4. Did you ever have a crush on a teacher and if so who? No.
5. What is the craziest/wildest/weirdest thing you (or someone you know) ever did at school? Oh, the stories of a PG County grad. One morning, my AP Language class and I were in the library for a presentation or something. (I never used a single book from that library. Not ever.) We were at the tables, but there were a few people on the computers. All of a sudden, a piece of the ceiling tile fell loose right over the computer banks. The teacher underneath it jumped away just in time. Even though no one really did that, it’s still pretty crazy. And it explains why I am so pleased that the county finally got the land they need to rebuild the school, right behind the existing one. Maybe it’ll be ready by the time Ryan gets to high school.

Friday Five for March 9: Time In A Bottle
1) Ten years ago what did you think you would be doing now? I was nine. I’ve planned on going to college since about the third grade, so I think I imagined myself in college. I never really thought I’d want to be a teacher, though people consistently told me I should.
2) Where do you think you will be in 5 years from now? I’ll be 24. I’ll be out of school by then, hopefully teaching my own classes somewhere. I’m still discerning a vocation (patience, faith, and trust are all that keeps me going), so I don’t know if I’ll be dating, married, happily single, or in formation. Ooh, maybe I’ll be teaching CCD.
3) Do you live life one day at a time or look to the future? A little of both. My stress poster, which doesn’t hang over my desk by coincidence, reads, “I try to take one day at a time, but lately several days have attacked me at once.” Story of my life. As far as my spiritual life goes, it’s also a little of both. I thank God for every day (and I really do that, I’m not just saying I do it once in a while; it’s in my morning prayers), but I know that I have to be prepared for those future days, should they come.
4) Do you wish you could go back in time and undo something in your life? No. Everything that I’ve done and that has happened to me has made me into the person I am right at this moment. I have regrets, but I wouldn’t change anything.
5) If you could send a message back in time and give a younger version of yourself some advice, what would it be? Hold on. Things will get better. Sure, they’ll get worse again at times, but there’ll always be an end. … Forget my “younger self,” I could stand to have taken by own advice, like, this past week!

And finally, the most recent Friday Five: Lights, Camera, Action!
1) If you were to star in a movie, who would you want to be cast as your love interest? My scrapbook journal asked me that same question, only about my own biopic. I’m going to cheat and see what I wrote two years ago, right after I graduated high school. … “Shane West or Tobey Maguire.” Still sounds good.
2) What genre of movie would you most like to star in? Drama. I don’t think I’m funny enough for a comedy. Maybe a really sappy/dramatic comedy. I am all about the dramedy.
3) What song would you insist be on the soundtrack? “Iris,” by the Goo Goo Dolls. Possibly my favorite (secular) song of all time.
4) What would you wear to the premiere of your movie? Can I wear jeans? Might as well be real, right? If I had to wear a dress, it’d be purple and swishy and pretty. Comfortable or elegant; there is no middle ground.
5) Who would you thank in your Oscar acceptance speech? God, my family, my amazing friends, my fans (do I have fans in this universe?), and whoever did my hair.

With that said, I will conclude this short update with some links. I don’t link much, but I can’t have a whole entry of F5’s.

I found a priest on LJ! He hasn’t updated in a very long time, though. That’s to be expected; he’s busy shepherding. In addition to seeming really cool from the few entries I read, he revealed that the Penitent Thief (the one who was crucified with Christ) has a name, St. Dismas. I truly believe you learn something new every day.

My old friend Tanya has this poem listed as her personal site on the Facebook. Yay to the Facebook for reconnecting us, and many kudos to the author of that poem and the woman who tracked him down.

Ruth Marcus wrote an interesting article for the Washington Post a few weeks ago. I only read it online; I forget where the link came from. It reminds me of other articles I’ve read in (and ripped out of) magazines about how parents can, well, parent through the Internet. I think keystroke monitors are much too invasive. I take the same opinion on computer-activity monitors that I do with anti-Harry Potter parents and book banners. It’s a parent’s responsibility to teach his or her child right from wrong, good from evil, and safe from unsafe. Granted, the Internet opens up far more opportunities for wrong, evil, and unsafe things, but the world will always be dangerous in some respects.

Maura wrote an ode to me. I love my roommate. ♥

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