Friday Five: I’m Tired of Thinking Up Titles
1) Of the various cultures, ethnicities or nationalities you belong to, which most strongly do you consider yourself? Catholic, if that counts as a culture. (I think it does.) I felt very American this morning when I was singing along with “God Bless the U.S.A.” on the radio. It reminded me of Tops in Blue, and convinced me that I need to stop listening to such schmaltzy radio stations.
2) Is there a culture you cannot claim heritage from but which you feel quite close to? Not really.
3) What’s one language you wish you knew fluently? Any would have been handy to cover my language requirement for ARHU (the college, not the program). It wouldn’t do me any good to know Spanish now, and my oral comprehension is way up from learning it the old-fashioned way. I have no need for fluency in Spanish, though it’d be nice.
4) If you could move anywhere in the world and be guaranteed a job, etc., where would you go? I don’t know. And I’ve got three more years of school to go before that whole “finding a job” thing gets really pressing.
5) If you had a time machine, and could witness any one event without altering or disturbing it, what would you want to see? My first reaction was to say the Passion, but that’d be way too intense. But to go with something Biblical, perhaps that moment after the Resurrection when the risen Christ tells Mary Magdalene not to be afraid. Non-Biblically… how about the first item to come off Gutenberg’s printing press thingie? Pretty significant for a book lover.

I check up on my family’s computers when I happen to be home, to make sure McAfee is scanning and updating like it’s supposed to, and to see what spyware my sister has managed to download since my last check. The sparkly cursor is kind of cute, but it’s also annoying. My dad refitted our old computer with a new CD-RW/ROM thingy since winter break, so I went back to OIT to download McAfee for it. Yay for free stuff. Then I found this page on the OIT site, and discovered that we’re apparently all getting new IDs this semester. Did everyone else know about this and just fail to mention it to me? This makes me very happy, since I can’t read my barcode number anymore, and I just cracked the corner a few weeks ago.

Speaking of computer cleaning, today has been a productive day technology-wise, but not so much school-wise. I downloaded McAfee and scanned the refurbished HP and Windows-updated that and the Dell, then defragmented the Dell. It took forever, but look at the change:


I’m still defragging the HP. On the one hand, I hate cleaning up the computers because it takes forever. On the other hand, I love it because it makes me feel all techno-smart.

Ooh, ooh! As some of you may know, I write my blog entries in Semagic, a cute and wonderful LiveJournal client. I copy-and-paste in the meditations from The Word Among Us (my favorite daily devotional) every day, as well as posting an ocassional private or friends-only entry. (That’s why the sidebar link to my LJ says it’s locked. Become my LJ friend and you’ll have access. I do my main blogging here.) Anyway, earlier this week, since no classes left my mind with fewer worries than usual, I decided to see if there was a client that could work with Blogger. I downloaded and tested w.bloggar, but it wasn’t as good as Semagic for working with LJ, so I uninstalled. Then I remembered that I used to be able to change Semagic to work with uJournal (an LJ clone that folded about a year ago; some generous donors offered About My Life enough money to save everyone’s old entries, so I migrated everything to my LJ — can’t beat the original). So I went into Semagic’s settings and sure enough, there was already an option to set it up for Blogger. This makes me very, very happy… and could possibly mean more frequent updates here, since I can eliminate the step of signing in to use Blogger’s web interface.

EDIT: Okay, forget that. I just double-checked, and when Semagic posted this entry to Blogger, it made all the tags uppercase and just generally messed up the (X)HTML. Le sigh. Back to copy-paste it is.

Ooh again! When I was younger, I used to play computer games. Now I’m all about Solitaire and Minesweeper, but I used to play Oh No! More Lemmings all the time. It was such an ancient game. I’m pretty sure it ran on DOS, back when we still had to tell the computer to start Windows. Oh, man. How technology has changed. Anyway, when I was cleaning my family’s computers earlier, I spotted the Lemmings CD and got smacked with nostalgia. A little Googling and Wikipedia later led me to a gem: Lemmings online! Look at them float!


It doesn’t have all the same levels as the original, but apparently there are some downloadable version on that site as well. I love nostalgia.

This week has been grossly unproductive. I never did get an assignment from OfficeTeam, so I’ve just been lying around the house. I refused to do any work until about Tuesday, but I haven’t done much since then. I finished King Lear and its accompanying quiz late last night, so I’m all prepared for Monday. I haven’t even read my own keystone stories, let alone the comments Greg gave me. I have a paper for Af Am lit and my makeup Spanish presentation on Thursday, neither of which I’ve started yet. I didn’t even write anything, except a ton of blog entries.

I finally went out and did the shopping I needed to do on Wednesday. I got almost everything I was looking for at Target. I had to switch lip glosses. I don’t like the kind I’m wearing as much as my old one. I am fiercely brand loyal. In giving up and going to Wal-Mart, however, I did find a new purse. I loved my Mickey Mouse one, but one of the handles was literally falling apart, so it was time to move on.

My mom, Ryan, and I went to Stations at St. Ignatius tonight. Ryan would rather have played basketball. We were running late, going to drop him off at the community center, but he isn’t old enough for Extreme Teen night, so he was stuck with us. I told my mom before we left that Jesus is way more important than basketball. The… I want to call it the chapel, but it’s called the church… the “church” at St. Ignatius is very small, so the three of us were rather cramped as we rotated to face the Stations crosses. I did an impromptu reading of the section for the Twelfth Station (Jesus Dies on the Cross). I know it was Ryan’s first time, so I wish I’d discussed it with him… perhaps I still can. I’m his godmother, but I feel like I’m not doing a very good job of it. I feel like just getting him to Mass every week would be a start, but since I’m not home, there’s no way I can ensure that.

Well, at least I got some sleep over break. I’ve got this annoying neck muscle pain right now, but I am not tired. Small victories, my friends. Small victories.

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