Catholic Nerds Unite!

You know you’re a Catholic nerd when…

  • you not only fast from meat on Fridays but you can also list all possible reasons for breaking that fast.
  • you discuss whether you should say grace over the appetizer or wait for the main course.
  • you still sing “saved a wretch like me” and other un-PC lyrics (if you are actually singing you already knew you are an odd Catholic).
  • you pray bits of the rosary whenever you drive, instead of listening to the radio. [Mine is locked after changing the battery, but I’ve turned off the radio to do it before!]
  • you know the words to “Tantum Ergo,” “Salve Regina,” “Ave Maria,” “Panis Angelicus,” and ____________ (fill in your favorite Latin Hymn). [Got those first two in chant, plus “O Salutaris Hostia” and “Regina Caeli!”]
  • you know which Eucharistic prayer is being used in 5 words or less. [Close to it!]
  • you know that if you became a nun, you would wear a habit.
  • you have a desire to say a Glory Be after every prayer [and accidentally do!]
  • knowing that a guy or girl goes to daily Mass is a big turn-on.

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