Catholic Carnival 124

It’s been up at Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering for nearly a week, but I only got the notification email today. Sarah did a great job organizing it. She really showed us how hosting the Catholic Carnival can be so much more than a simple list of links.

At Mothers of Many Saints, Hope writes about the importance of holy water to her family. I had never realized you could have holy water in your home until I went to my family’s new parish for the first time. In the small narthex, there is a large metal tank near the wall marked “holy water,” complete with a spigot. I’m always half tempted to bring a bottle and fill it. I tend to spill things, though, so I’m wary of accidentally blessing the carpet.

Ian at Musings from a Catholic Bookstore begins a series on why people don’t buy from Catholic stores. He’s got a few really good, though testy, points. (He warned me.) My excuse is that I’m a student without a car (except for this summer). I can’t afford to spend much, and I can’t get to Catholic stores all that often. I did go to the Shrine for my last purchase of Catholic things, which was greatly aided by a ride from FOCUS Liz. I think I’m more likely to buy gifts than books from a Catholic store, though, because of my transportation issues, and because I don’t necessarily have to see a book in person to decide whether I want it. He has convinced me to try hunting down that Catholic store in Waldorf the next time I go home and have money for Catholic shopping. (Catholic shopping: no elbowing to get to the rack first.)

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Awww, thanks Lindsay. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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