Since I Missed Christmas

I know that “I just need to get these out of my Downloads folder” is a lame excuse to post, but it’s all I have. Like most college students, I am a facebook aficionado. Back in December, an application called My Christmas Tree got ridiculously popular. I caved, adding a cute tree to my profile with “Christmas Eve Sarajevo,” by Trans Siberian Orchestra, as my song.

My Christmas Tree became Festive Events, and then Gifts Gallery, since you can send a gift for numerous holidays or wannabe holidays, or for no reason. (Also for free, unlike the original facebook gifts.) I hid the application after Epiphany, but I also took screenshots of the gifts I received. (Last names are blurred to protect privacy.)

facebook Christmas 1

I also snapped the gifts I sent.

facebook Christmas 2

To be honest, I sent Kaitlyn two, because I forgot to add a message with the hula beanie bear. It was an unorthodox gift exchange, but quite nice for those of us on tight budgets.

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Well, hm. I don’t think we’re Facebook buddies? If it was after Easter I would do the whole “hay wanna add me?” stuff right now. :P

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