Catholic Carnival 212

Despite the distressing announcement that Jay is putting the Catholic Carnival on hold until he can find new hosts, I’m still determined to catch up on all the carnivals I missed. (I wish I could volunteer even for one week, but my life is filled to overflowing already.)

RAnn’s post “Bless Me Father, for I Have Sinned” from Carnival 212 stuck out to me. I went to confession on Saturday to prepare for Easter this weekend (yay!), and I spent some time reflecting afterward in my church’s columbarium. It was an unusual visit to the confessional, even for me. I hadn’t been in a while (though “a while” for most Catholics is a lot longer than it is for me), and I stayed behind the screen for the first time in years. I even took a list. I wanted to symbolically burn it when I got home, but after Earth Hour, we couldn’t find any matches. I settled for ripping it to shreds. The main point I drew from the original post was that, from our perspectives, confession is different every time. Thankfully, from the perspective of heaven, the grace conferred is always the same.

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