Friday Fives

March 27: High School

  1. Would you return to high school life for a week? Why or why not? (If you’re currently in high school, would you redo your experiences so far?) Probably not. College, even at its worst, was so much better than high school. I don’t keep in touch with most of my high school friends, and I went to three different schools, so my experiences weren’t as essential to who I am today.
  2. Who were/are you in high school? A nerd. Or, as I used to say, “a nerd with personality.” I still love learning, and I always got good grades, but I wasn’t any more socially awkward than the next girl (that would be a dork) or obsessed with just one thing (a geek).
  3. What was/is your favorite high school hangout? What did/do you do there? I didn’t really hang out in high school. I went out with my friends to movies sometimes, but that was about it. I was boring. I’m not exhilarating now, but I’ve definitely changed.
  4. What were/are your favorite three songs in high school? I remember loving “Rainy Days,” by Mary J. Blige and Ja Rule. It’s still one of my favorite R&B songs. And everything *NSync. Always *NSync.
  5. What was the craziest thing you did in high school?No comment.

April 10: That’s Entertainment!

  1. If you could give out Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress, and Best Director Oscars to any movies (not necessarily all from the same year) to people/films that haven’t won, what would they be? As I was researching for my kids’ first/last/only novel this year, I found out that To Kill a Mockingbird didn’t win Best Picture because movies were just so amazing that year (1962). That makes me want to see it, possibly even more (and definitely for a different reason) than my kids do.
  2. What is your favorite genre of writing (short stories, novels, nonfiction…)? I like to write short stories. I like to read novels, but the Catholic nonfiction I’ve been reading lately has grown on me.
  3. Are there any CDs to which you know every word? Movies? I love learning all the words to all my CDs. Movies, not so much. Despite the Satanic Mechanics’ scarring Jim back at UMD, they did encourage me to learn lines from The Princess Bride so I could shout along. I still do it whenever I watch that movie; I did it here a few months ago.
  4. If you could write and cast your own movie, what would it be about and who would you cast? I have no idea.
  5. What’s the best song to wake you up? Put you to sleep? I would say the “spring breeze” nature sound on my Timex alarm clock wakes me best, but I’ve had some irksome encounters with the snooze button lately, so clearly that’s not working. I like to fall asleep to as little noise and light as possible, though I can sleep with the lights on if necessary.

April 17: Food Groups

What is your favorite food from each food group?

  1. Bread (Grain) Group: Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster are delicious. I also love Club crackers, bagels, and Honey Nut Cheerios. I just love bread.
  2. Meat (Protein) Group: My Carpool Buddy (though we haven’t driven together in about two weeks) makes an amazing meatloaf. I like it better than my own mother’s. I cook with ground pork sausage a lot, especially in Pasta Lindsay.
  3. Vegetable Group: Broccoli is so good! Carrots are yummy, and I actually like onions.
  4. Fruit Group: Apples are my favorite, but blueberries and grapes are fabulous, too.
  5. Sugars, Fats and Oils: Oh, boy. Marble cake with chocolate icing, monster cookies (my special recipe), and creamy vanilla ice cream. Who doesn’t love dessert? Olive oil is also really good when you cook things in it (including eggs).

That last set was lame, but as I alluded to with my comments on Lebanese food, only a little over a year ago, two of those categories would have been blank. It’s like I’m a grown-up or something.

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