The Half-Drunk Prince

Another interesting article, this time about the amount of alcohol in HBP. I noticed this as I was happily passing my off-time re-reading the book, since I never managed to finish it soon enough before the movie. (Read them right before you see them, and it’ll ruin the movie every time.)

I don’t think the movie promotes teen drinking, but there is a lot of drinking going on. In OotP, when we met Winky, we discovered that she was able to get drunk on butterbeer because, though the alcohol content of a single butterbeer is very low, she is a very small creature. So, in the movie, when Hermione acts a little tipsy after visiting the Three Broomsticks, I was only a little surprised, and also a little amused, but not put off by it. Not the same for Slughorn’s offering Ron and Harry the poisoned mead in the first place. Did they really need to be drinking?


via The Leaky Cauldron

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