Friday Five: Random Again

I like the themed question sets better. Usually, I am of the “stop [whining] and start a revolution” school of thought, but one of the reasons I like answering the Friday Five is that I can’t think of a fast, easy way to just write.

  1. If you could be any person in history past, who would you be? Why? Usually this sort of questions asks about meeting any person from history. Who I’d want to be is a different situation entirely. It might be kind of interesting to be my mother, actually. I don’t know if she counts because she’s still alive, but it’d be interesting to live through the invention of color TV and microwaves all the way through smartphones. I literally own a computer that fits in my pocket. That is astounding considering even my lifespan.
  2. What if you had to make a choice, which would ultimately lead to a death, yours or another person’s, would you be able to do it? Mine? If it was for someone I love, possibly. Another person’s? Only to directly defend myself or someone I love.
  3. What if that choice also allowed a life for someone else? Were these two veiled abortion questions? Seems like it.
  4. The best pair of shoes you ever owned? I still own them! I am on my third pair of the same style of Airwalks from Payless. Right price, go with everything, and so cute.
  5. The ugliest outfit you wore as a child? When I was probably eight or nine years old, my mom would iron all my clothes and stack them as outfits (oh, the matching outfits!) on an end table. I would avoid one outfit with this white t-shirt that had some brightly-colored image and sequins all over it. It went with teal denim shorts. I hated that outfit so much that I intentionally moved it down in the pile so it wouldn’t look like I was avoiding it!

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