Laugh Attack

I have been blessed and cursed with a love of and propensity for laughing. Blessed, because who doesn’t love to laugh? It’s so much better than crying. Cursed, because I have a particularly unique laugh. It has been described as “the sound of a cat dying,” which actually hurt my feelings a lot. What happens is that I hyperventilate when I laugh really hard, so I wind up tossing in a high-pitched squeal to my already loud laugh. It’s impossible to hide, but it’s fun to be able to contribute another dose of hilarity to the moment.

When I stumbled across the Harry Potter/Far East Movement parody below, I was quickly reminded of my old housemate Mike D. He definitely liked to have a good time (a character trait that was instantly evident when he had dinner with my parents and me last summer), but he’s into books, too. We both taught high school English. In the ACE class we took together, he had the best timing and ingenuity for coming up with ridiculous jokes. Another classmate was microteaching a lesson on poetry, and Mike commented on how it was “so smooth, you know, because the author used so much ironing in it.” Sometimes it takes a nerd to make those jokes, but it definitely takes a fly guy to pull them off with such class. I think Mike D will always be able to make me laugh. It’s good to have a go-to in real life and not just on the screen.


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That’s ok – I tend to snort when I laugh and my friend always sounds like she is wheezing when she laughs, lol. The way we laugh is just another thing that defines our quirky differences as individuals. :D

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