Further Thoughts on “Bumped”

I love the opportunity for greater exposure by writing for ACNM, but sometimes I have more to say than an ordinary blog post will allow. My posts tend to have at least twice the recommended word count anyway. I also have developed a bad habit of writing my posts late on Monday night. I finished reading Bumped way before last night, but I found myself trying to finish Captivating instead of starting my post like I should have. I am turning into a lazypants. And right now, I’m a lazypants with more to say about Bumped.

Over at LifeTeen, I discovered the video below that discusses the pain that can come with waiting for a spouse. It can seem like the worst pain the world to just be waiting for your life to start. In Bumped, teens feel pressured to “bump” before they lose their fertility to the point of throwing sex parties. It would be horrible to feel that pressure. Women who have fallen prey to the contraceptive mentality often feel their biological clocks ticking and turn to reproductive technology in an attempt to slow (or smash the clock). But, as this eloquent poet explains, why does it matter that your biological clock is ticking when you serve the author of time?

Another point I found intriguing was the emphasis on sex as nothing more than a means to an end. In the novel, the mere thought of having sex during the fertile years without intending to conceive a child is laughable. It’s as though the whole world starts understanding what the Church has been saying at least since the 60s, but then everyone takes the message too far. I’m taking classes at the diocese this week, and the seminarian presenting on the theological basis for chastity pointed out that the Puritan ideal was wrong. They, like the people in the book, insisted that sex was only for procreation and that pleasure was a necessary evil. In Bumped, sex is reduced to the necessary act that is the only way to continue the human race. Teens are drugged with an otherwise natural substance (oxytocin) so they can engage in sex (sometimes with strangers). Adults take the same drug as an ordinary high; it’s not clear whether they “bother” to have sex even for the unitive aspect.

I knew Bumped would be a book I’d enjoy. I didn’t expect to enjoy it enough to produce almost 1000 words on it. How much longer until spring? Think I can wait that long for the sequel?

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