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Friends, readers, casual arrivals from Google searches: I have moved. All the content is the same, and I’m still using WordPress, but all the links should now point to, my new domain. I had a brain blast that led to the domain name, and I jumped on it, and here I am. with many thanks to my amazing hostess, Anna.

Please update your links, bookmarks, and RSS feeds. Eventually, will be replaced with a static page. It won’t be quite like my LJ or my old BlogSpot, but the idea is the same. This domain has the added bonus of being a simple combination of my first name, which I like and is unlikely to change, and “love,” which I hope I won’t stop doing until I’m dead.

For now, the title of my blog will remain Contrariwise. I’ve used that name for so long that I can’t give it up yet. I know it’s best to have a matching domain name and blog title, but I don’t care enough yet.

I changed my mind: Lindsay Loves it is.

I hope this is the first step toward owning my online self and uniting it with my real-life self. They’ve never been hugely disparate, but I am calling myself to honesty and integrity, and if I can’t own the words I write here, then I can’t be myself.


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Someday, I will get a domain again (I think). But I have yet to even name the blog I have now, so maybe in time God will let me know if I should name my blog and get a domain. :)


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